Texans Wrestling at the LoneStar Duals!

Bloged in News and Information by John Rizzuti Saturday January 6, 2007

By John Rizzuti
Managing Editor

If we were to write this story ten years ago when the LoneStar Duals had their first-ever meet, we would have written a very short story. It would have been comparable in length to “Italian War Heroes,” “The Triumphs of the Pakistani Army,” “British Humor,” and “Blacks I have Met While Swimming,” a bunch of really, really short books!

But today it is a different tale. Texans are all over the place! Wrestling for Oklahoma State, North Carolina, Harvard, Northern Colorado and many other institutions of higher learning. And you can give a ton of the credit to the great Barry Boustead and his team with the LSD. They have pioneered the way for the past decade and brought wrestling to its highest level ever by bringing many of the top NCAA, NAIA and NCWA teams from all over the country.

Just think how powerful Texas USA Wrestling would be if we canned the leadership that is there now and put in Barry. Just THINK! (hint, hint, hint)

Here are the results of all Texans wrestling Saturday. If I miss anyone please let me know and I will add those names and results to the story.

Round One:
North Carolina vs. Utah Valley State
165 Keegan Mueller (UNC) WBD over Dustin Olsen (UVS) 12-2

Oklahoma vs. Marion Military Academy
157 Will “The Thrill” Rowe WBF over Darren Stowe 5:26 (Stowe wrestled at The Colony and also is from Texas)

New Mexico Highlands vs. UTA
141 Clay Silver (UTA) LBF to Ross Montou (NMH) in 5:42
157 Ryan Blair (UTA) LBF to Ray Carreon (NMH) in 4:35
165 Brian Kinsella (UTA) WBD over Chris Riding (NMH) 12-8
285 T-Bone Tommy Morton (UTA) LBF to Charles Saguil (NMH) in 5:59

Northern Colorado vs. Harvard
165 Devan Lewis (NCol) WBD over Max Button (Harvard) 9-3
174 Rowdy Fred Rowsey (Har) WBF over Ryan Johnson (NCol) 6:15

Newman vs. University of Central Oklahoma
141 Aeron Hill (Newman) LBD to Kyle Evans (OCO) 8-0
157 Brent Sarette (UCO) WBD over Andrew Nash (New) 6-3

Round Two:
Oklahoma State vs AirForce
165 Kevin Wainscott (OSU) WBMD over Duane Miller (AF) 16-3

Wisconsin vs. Harvard
174 Rowdy Fred Rowsey (Har) LBD to Max Metzger (Wisky) 10-6

North Carolina vs. Boise State
165 Keegan Mueller (UNC) WBD over Luke Smith (BS) 7-3

Round Three:
Wisky vs. Northern Colorado
165 Devan Lewis (NC) LBD to Max Metzger (Wisky) 7-4

AirForce vs. University of Central Oklahoma
165 Justin Credible Wood (UCO) WBF over Duane Miller (AF) in 4:03

Newman vs. UTA
141 Aeron Hill (N) WBID over Clay Silver (UTA)
157 Ryan Blair (UTA) WBD 20-13 over Andrew Nash (N)
165 Brian Kinsella (UTA) WBF over Nate Alvarez (N) in 3:56
174 Cody Duffenback (N) WBF over Chris Boyd (UTA) 3:34
Hwt. T-Bone Tommy Morton (UTA) WBF over Brett Jenlink (N) 3:47

Round Four
165 Devan Lewis (UNC) LBD to Bengi Fiacco (UNC) 5-1

New Mexico Highlands vs. Newman
141 Aeron Hill (N) LBD to Ross Montou (NMH) 14-6
149 Cody Duffenback (N) LBF to Adam Martinez (NMH) in 4:11
174 Kyle Cambern (NMH) WBMD 17-0 over Nate Alvarez (N)

Round Five
Oklahoma vs. Navy
133 Joe Comparin (OU) LBD to Joe Baker (N) 3-1
157 Will “The Thrill” Rowe (OU) WBD over John Jarred (N) 7-5

Harvard vs. Boise State
174 Rowdy Fred Rowsey (H) LBD to Nate Lee (BS) 13-3

UTA vs. Bacone
157 Ryan Blair (UTA) WBD over Leif Olson (B) 13-3
Hwt. “T-Bone” Tommy Morton (UTA) LBF to Jerold Johnson 2:41

Round Six

Oklahoma University vs. Utah Valley State
157 Will “The Thrill” Rowe (OU) WBTF over Clayton Wolfe (UVS) 21-6
197 Matt “King” Cole (OU) WBMD over Eric McAllister (UVS) 14-5

Marion Military Academy vs. University of Central Oklahoma
165 Justin Credible Wood (UCO) WBF over John Ruiz (MMA) in 2:19
197 Reggie Douglas (UCO) WBF over Tyler Barberi (MMA) in 3:34

Brown vs. University of Northern Colorado
165 Devan Lewis (UNC) WBF over David Saadeh (B) 1:48

Round Seven
Boise State vs. UCO
165 Justin Wood (UCO) LBF to Johnny Nunez (BS) in 1:33

Marion Military Academy vs. UTA
157 Ryan Blair (UTA) WBTF over Zach Brewer (MMA) 25-8
165 Brian Kinsella (UTA) WBD over John Ruiz (MMA) 13-7
Hwt. T-Bone (UTA) LBF to Jay Brenovitz (MMA) : in 52

Newman vs. Bacone
141 Aeron Hill (N) WBMD over Travis Kirby (B) 17-6

5 Responses to “Texans Wrestling at the LoneStar Duals!”

  1. fvondra Says:

    What about the high school division. This is a site for Texas high school wrestling, is it not?

  2. John Rizzuti Says:

    No, it’s site for idiots. Have you not seen all the coverage we have on the HS in “results” on the forum? There wasn’t much to write about becuyase once again no Texas team can make the finals.

    Besides, the college list makes the point in an overwhelming fashion that Barry and his team have made a huge, positive difference which is what I wanted to communicate.

  3. fvondra Says:


    A response to an e-mail doesn’t have to be addressed with disparaging remarks such as “idiots”. I obtained the results from the high school division from other sources.

    How many years has high school wrestling been a sport in Texas? 11 I believe. The teams coming from out of Texas have been at it for many many more and that is why they are so good. See how much better Texas wrestling would be if your universities had programs and they were backed like OSU, OU, Missouri, Nebraska, ISU and Iowa.

  4. John Rizzuti Says:

    It was a joke! It didn’t disparage anyone. Please reread it! Don’t take yourself so seriously!

    We did have plenty of coverage of the high school meet on our site.

    The story I wrote dealt strictly with college becuase that’s where the story was.

  5. fvondra Says:


    I don’t take myself serious. I just don’t think e-mails has to have disparaging remarks within their context. Just keep writing your e-mail and stories minus those types of remarks or words.

    This will be my last e-mail about this subject. Have a great day and enjoy life.

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