Houston Report: The Second Half

Bloged in News and Information by Russell Pate Tuesday January 2, 2007

Handicapping the Field

by russell pate

As we hit the 2nd half running this week, here is a look at the top teams in Houston and what their chances are come Postseason. Here are the Houston Teams who will have the biggest impact in Austin.

4. Klein… Klein has been as solid as any team in the area. They have almost no holes in a lineup made for duals and small tournaments. In a bigger state level tournament they definitely have the guns to compete (Nguyen, Thomas), but is in a smaller tournament or dual where there superior depth really shows up. Outside of Nguyen and Thomas the biggest contributors in this deep lineup have been Gerald Figueroa (119) and Aaron Miller (215). Both should be state qualifiers and guys who can score points once they get there. If these two come through then Klein could be looking at a top 10 finish.

3. Cy Fair… They have been the top team in the city the first half of the year. Their lineup is lead by their middle weights who everybody knew about, but it is the growth of their upperweights who make this a true team. It was obvious to area observers that they would be tough this year from 119-145, with a run of wrestlers who wrestled as youth for the CUMC club. This group is led by returning state place winner Mike Murray, and includes other standouts Vanderbilt, McCain, Metcalf, Hasson, and Pikulski. All have wrestled well this year, but that by itself would not be special. What put them over the top was the emergence of a number of wrestlers in the upper weights, namely Chis Renaud (152) and Matt Cantelmo (285). These two are short on experience but have been long on success this year. These two parts to the team have melded and now form unquestionably the city’s best dual team.

2. The Woodlands… has great depth and a well balanced lineup behind Eric Spjut. They have been top 2 at every tournament they have attended and have shown great consistency so far. Spjut has been spectacular with his only loss coming in overtime to nationally ranked Max Ortega of Rio Rancho at the Oklahoma Open. Heavyweight Matt Hinton made it out in December and has wrestled well. He looks like the best of a deep crop of Houston Heavies. What separates him is his offense and his ability to score. He owns wins over Cantelmo (CF), Benson (MC), Brown (W), and Bryant (Lan) and finished the first half with a superfinals win at Bryan. Expect him to be in the top 3 at state. With Spjut he gives the Woodlands two big scorers at the state tournament, and if they can get any points from the rest of the lineup (Rascon, Kovacs, Boasherliev), then they could be a threat for the top 5 in Austin.

1. Cinco Ranch… Cinco Ranch High School learned this year what life is like for Katy High School every year, as their football team made a deep playoff run. They were helped greatly by players like Matt Harris, Will Morris, John Geoffie, and Matt Stewart. This is great news for these guys, but is tough on the wrestling team since they make up 4 of the top 6 weights on the wrestling team. This created a number of holes that Cinco just could not deal with in the first half. Luckily they don’t hand out the hardware until February. Some people have acted like Cinco’s early losses mean they have a lot to prove as a team in the second half, but I guess these same people don’t follow wrestling in our area much. Cinco barely cracked the top 5 of local tournaments last year the whole first half before coming together for a great run that started with an undefeated day at the Regional Duals and ended with a top 5 state finish. Jamie Sheets, Will McNair, and Matt Harris made up about 90% of Cinco’s points in a top 5 state finish last year. This is a positive and negative as they look to make a run at the title. A positive because they are all back but a bit of a negative because the trio did not leave much room for improvement. For Cinco to better than top 3-5, they will need 20 or so points from the combination of Waltman, Tannory, Morris, and Gioffe.

And finally the Darkhorse
5. Westside…
Their history at the State Tournament should prevent them from being counted a darkhorse, but many assumed that they would quietly disappear this year just because for the first time in a long time they did not have returning big name stars. Shame on any of us who doubted. Ron Baker reminded us why he’s in the hall of fame after guiding an emerging group of stars to a great first half that could lead to yet another strong state tournament. Trent Murrell (152), James Hazzard (160), and Brandon Tullos (171) have had great first halves filled with wins over HIGHER REGARDED opponents (notice I didn’t say upset of better wrestlers. Don’t be surprised to see their history and experience carry the wolves to another top 10 finish.

Houston Area Individual Rankings

1. Tyler Lukes, 9, Cy Ridge
2. Josh Brown, 9, Klein
3. Andrew Girgis CR
4. Gerardo Salgado, Westside
5. Jamie Espinoza, Conroe
Moses Park, SL
Stephen Contreras, College Park
Justin Sanchez, MR
Jeff Nguyen KLN
Matt Segari Woodlands

1. Nick Waltman, 11, Cinco Ranch
2. Austin Davis, 10, Klein Oak
3. Arrowdyne Chit, KC
4. Ryan Newhouse, 10, Woodlands
Taylor Swanson, Klein,
Ryan Klein, Westside

1. Eric Spjut, 10, Woodlands
2. Gerald Figueroa, Klein
3. Matt Morgan, 11, Katy
4. Jacob Beasley, 12, Cy Fair
5. Kelley Ritchie, 12, Mayde Creek
Josh Hutto, Klein Oak
Gleichman, FW, 10
Lolie, KC
Ryan Slebodnik, CR

1. Chris Nguyen, 12, Klein,
2. Donavan Vanderbilt, Cy Fair,
3. JC Pacheco, 9, Fort Bend Baptist
4. Kyle Brown, 11, Taylor
Max Prebeg, College Park
Derek Shaw, 11, Langham Creek
Armando Perez, Katy
Harold Duncan, Morton Ranch
Garrett Smith, KO

1. Austin McCain, 12, Cy Fair
2. Nick Tannory, 11, Cinco Ranch
3. Rivera, CL
4. Josh Smith CYR
5. Alex Baughman, Woodlands
Zac Farhood, St. Thomas
Juan Carlos Gracia, Katy
Sergio Camargo, Taylor

1. Matt Rascon, Woodlands
2. Austin Metcalf, 12, Cy Fair,
3. Dermody, Klein Oak
4. Kleber Pita, 11, Taylor
Romero, Klein
Dark, WB
Hollen, College Park
Will Tarallo, CR

1. Matt Kovacs, 11, Woodlands
2. Michael Hasson, 12, Cy Fair
3. Sean Sanders KC
4. Sergio Almaraz, 12, Morton Ranch
5. Terek Moussa, Langham Creek
Zac Shoulders KO
Travis Gray, Brazoswood
Brad Bartholomew, 12, Cinco Ranch
Ricardo Mendoza Cy-Ridge
Chris Hart, 9, Taylor
Ben Carrera Katy

1. Michael Murray, 12, Cy Fair,
2. Jamie Sheets, 12, Cinco Ranch
3. Raufe’on Stots KO
4. Drew Pikulski, 12, Cy Fair
5. Dustin Curry, 11, Taylor
Vasil Boasherliev, 11, Woodlands
Colin Day, Strake Jesuit

1. Trent Murrell, Westside
2. Chris Renaud, CF
3. Jordan Hauser, SL
4. Hector Parra, KO
5. Kevin Holden, 12, Katy,
Bart Kovacs, Woodlands
Jacob Baumeister, BW
Courtland Smith, SJ

1. Matt Harris, 12, Cinco Ranch
2. James Hazzard, 11, Westside,
3. Jay Fortner, 10, Klein Oak,
4. Brent Morris, 11, Cinco Ranch
5. Patrick Gaume, 12, Woodlands,
Chris Sarazin BW
Cray Vidrine, CF,

1. Will Morris, CR
2. Brandon Tullos, Westside, 12,
3. Jamaal Buford, 11, Brazoswood
Rory Dobbs, Taylor
Cameron Taylor, 12, Mayde Creek
Bryce Jennings, 12, Katy
Walker, KO
Jon Demis, CF
John Raycroft, Woodlands
Rice, Westbrook

1. Will McNair, 12, Cinco Ranch
2. Phil Thomas, 12, Klein
Josh Bonura, Westbrook
Cage, OR
Adam Claeys, Brazoswood
Slaughter, MC
Adam Samia, CF

1. Gerald Moulton, 12, Westbrook
2. Cody Keonig, 12, Taylor
3. Jordan Park, Klein
Jason Freed CF
Travis Winzeler, Westside
Simmons, KO,
Ryan Rosenfeler, Oak Ridge
Taylor Moses KC

1. Steve Nijoka, 12, Strake Jesuit
2. Miller, 11, Klein
Amoo, 12, Morton Ranch
Ortega, 11, Taylor
Josh Dean, 12, Cy Ridge
Lliam Morrison, Westside
Matt Stewart, 11, Cinco Ranch
Kreig Leleux, Cy Fair

1. Matt Hinton, 12, The Woodlands
Zac Benson, 12, Mayde Creek
Tom Elijah, 12, Klein Oak
Matt Cantelmo, 12, Cy Fair,
Gioffe, 11, Cinco Ranch
Reggie Brown, Waller
Wayne Blackwell, 12, Taylor
JT Woodard, 11, Westside
Zoch, Westbrook
Walker, Cy Ridge
Roach, OR

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