St. Mark’s Invitational

Bloged in News and Information, The Dallas Report by Peter Dewey Sunday December 17, 2006

by Peter Dewey

Another week at St. Marks’ and another well run tournament. Mike Grisz ran it right on time as promised. The hardware was distributed and the teams were clearing out the gym before 3pm. Parents were thrilled. An Oklahoma team came down and captured first place. But there were a handful of relatively unknown Dallas teams that had breakout tournaments and will need to be reckoned with as the season progresses. And there were an awful lot of individual wrestlers who made strong statements as well.

#1 seed Robert Myers LAM and #2 Roderick Gaines ROC easily made their way through the bracket without significant challenge to meet in the finals. In the finals match it was all Gaines who got the fall in 1:46. Erick frick STM was easily the best of the rest finishing 3rd.

#2 seed Stephen Wurster ROC dominated the weight class. He faced a tough kid from Edmond North (who beat Joey Vogelsberg TRI in OT) in the semi’s and methodically wore him down with a 9-0 major decision. Juan Dominguez CEN upset #1 seed Vincent Tenorio STM in the semi’s 2-0 in OT but he was no match for Wurster. Wurster pinned in Dominguez in 2:14 in the finals. In the consolation finals Joey Voglesberg got his revenge against the Edmond North wrestler with a very hard fought 6-5 decision.

#1 seed Chris Wilcox HEB and #2 seed Adam Purcell TRI (ranked 3 and 6 in ITW’s official rankings) looked to be the marque finals match of the tournament. But first Purcell had some work to do against a very tough kid from Edmond North. In a highly charged match that saw Purcell get a couple points ahead only to be tied by the EN wreslter, Adam prevailed with a very well wrestled 9-6 decision. Nick Rice EN would finish 3rd. Unfortunately the finals did not live up to its billing as Chris “caught” Adam on his back and stuck him in 1:30. It appeared to be a bad move by Adam but Chris made him pay. It is almost certain these two will meet again and I can assure you Adam will be ready and we’ll see six minutes of great wrestling.

#1 seed Kelby Wood from Edmond North was probably the Okie’s best wrestler. None of the Texas boys really gave him a match. He manhandled #2 Stephen Shinn in the finals with a fall in 47 seconds. Shinn had a great match with Jaquorie Sutton HEB in the semi’s. It was a see-saw match with non-stop action. The 15-7 final was decieving as Shinn scored 5 points at the end following a desperation throw missed by Sutton. Sutton hurt his ankle in this match and had to injury default to 6th place. Daniel Strenstrom PW would finish 3rd.

This weight was won by another Okie, Ryan Shults EN, who decisioned Nick Killip AZL 7-2 in the finals. Killip had two nice wins to make the finals. The first was a 3-1 decision over Shawn Klemm BOW in a match that Killip rode Klemm for the entire 3rd period. Then in the semi’s Killip outlasted a tough and determined Daric O’dell 9-6 in an exciting match. Klemm would take 3rd with a 5-0 decision over Mark McCabe JES. The most controversial match of the tournament saw #1 seed Ryan Benoit McK North get disqualified after leading Matt Hurwitz PW 12-4 in a quarter-final match.

#1 seed Austin Barnes ROC defeated Danny Reddin STM 9-2 in one semi. In the other semi Peter Lindahl PW and #2 seed Deandrea Carter TRI wrestled an exciting match with Lindahl winning 13-8. Then in an evenly matched finals Barnes decisioned Lindahl 5-3. Carter took 3rd with a 9-0 major of Reddin.

When you think of St. Mark’s studs, the name Bill Sessions doesn’t readily come to mind. That may change. Sessions completely destroyed the field at 140 with first period falls in the semi’s and finals. In the finals #1 seed Taylor Kissel AZL spent most of the 1:49 in Sessions’ cradles. Arman Asgari BOW defeated and EN wrestler 3-2 for 3rd.

#1 seed David Henry STM put on a takedown clinic against Kyle Redmond LAM in the semi’s winning 17-7. #2 seed Ryan Maldonado was beaten 9-1 by Okie Conner Robinson EN. In the finals, Henry had 3 takedowns and two cuts to lead 6-2 at the end of the first period . The second began with another cut and takedown by Henry and he looked to be cruising 8-4. The only problem with the “cut and shoot” when you can’t score on the mat is your advantage grows only a point at a time. Henry could not get another takedown in the second. They started on their feet for the 3rd period and it was the Okie who got the takedown and Henry was very much in a struggle with the EN wrestler working from top. But Henry held on to win it 8-6. Brad Atkinson BOW took 3rd by dismantling Maldonado 15-2 in the consolation finals.

#1 seed Marty Dick AZL had his hands full in the semis with Chris Brown HEB. The match is tied 2-2 after the second period. Dick is on bottom but can’t get anything going. Finally with 30 seconds remaining Dick gets the escape and makes it stand up for a 3-2 decision. In the other semi, Brian Phillips PE defeats Adam Roberts BOW 8-1. The finals is a wild see-saw match with Dick ahead 8-6 before pinning Phillips in 2:51. Chris Brown pins Adam Roberts in the consolation finals.

In a rematch from last week #1 seed Brent Rogers BOW easily defeats #2 Scott Hage STM 9-0. No flash, no controversy. Rogers just demonstates what should happen when a very good wrestler goes against an elite wrestler which Rogers is. In the semis, Hage and Parsons AZL were tied after the second period but Hage used a 3 point near fall to prevail 10-6. In the other semis, Rogers faced another very good wrestler, Max White ROC. White shot in and was on the verge of a clean takedown but even in a poor position Brent would not give up the takedown and kept scrambling and improving his position until he got a figure four on White’s head for a most unorthodox fall. I’m sure what Rogers was dishing out White had never seen in the practice room. White did storm through the wrestlebacks finishing 3rd with a 15-0 tech fall over an Edmond North wrestler.

The finals was a match-up of #1 seed Alejandro Juarez LAM and #2 Chris Brooks BOW. While it was not a dominating performance, Brooks could score and Juarez could not. The result was 7-1 victory for Brooks. Brooks continues to improve but is still a work in progress. Having Rogers as a workout partner should certainly help his development. Zach Gagnon McK North (pinned by Brooks in the semis) captured 3rd.

Gary Adams ROC lived up to his #1 seed. He is a big strong kid who wrestles physical and smart. His semifinal major of Greg Talley PE 11-3 and 5-0 shutout of an Edmond North wrestler in the finals were both examples of Adams imposing his will on his opponent. Kyle Dancy McK North wrestled back for 3rd.

It would be tempting to say Ben Grisz STM was a man among boys. But that wouldn’t be entirely accurate. In the finals Ben ran into Marcus McGraw BOW who is every bit as strong and athletic as Grisz (and an absolute terror on the football field). In the first period Marcus would not back down and it was rock’em socke’em action. Ben had a couple big throws but couldn’t land them on the mat. After two minutes: 0-0. Unfortunately for Marcus, Ben took down to begin the second period and quickly proved that he is an elite wrestler. The reversal came in 5 seconds, then some punishing leg riding and then Ben locked up a cradle to get the fall in 3:40. But I give Marcus some credit in this match as did the MOW voters who saw Ben wrestle a good enough opponent to vote him MOW (shared with Chris Wilcox and David Henry). Adrian Pena GP avenged a quarterfinal loss to Brent Holtrop CEN with a 4-3 win in the consolation finals.

In perhaps the most exciting finals of the afternoon #1 seed Ike Crews STM and Josh Spicer CEN battled for the championship. Crews worked his passby for the first takedown and a 2-1 lead after the first period. After the second period it was 4-3 Spicer. Crews escaped and they wrestled into the final minute tied at 4-4. Crews missed a throw and Spicer scored on a spin behind but Crews escpaed and pushed the action for the final 15 seconds. In the end it was Spicer 6-5.

#1 seed Branden Land, a big strong Okie heavyweight from Edmond North, looked to be untouchable as he pinned his way into the finals where he faced Bret Davis McK North. Davis seemingly came out of nowhere to pin both Will Plunkett STM in the quarters and #2 seed Ross Goen ROC in the semis. Davis wrestles aggressively and his finals bout was no exception. Unfortunatley against the bigger Okie he had trouble finishing his shots. Although he ultimately lost 12-4 it was a closer match than that as Davis kept the presuure on through the first two periods. This is a kid to watch. Goen took 3rd.

The Team Race

Congratulations to Edmond North who will take the 1st place hardware back across the Red River. It was great that they came and brought some tough wrestlers for the Texas boys to face. Behind Edmond North were the three Texas teams you would expect - 2. St. Mark’s, 3. Bowie and 4. Rockwall. St Mark’s really proved its worth as a tournament team. Bowie wrestled without three starters, two of whom didn’t make weight. It may have cost them second place. Rockwall isn’t sneaking up on anybody but showed they are for real.

What surprised me was the competitiveness of the remaining programs in the top 10. Trinity placed eight wrestlers in this tournament; Centennial placed five; Lamar placed six; Azle placed five, McKinney North and Hebron each placed four. Other than Azle all these programs are clearly on the rise. And those that were predicting the demise of Azle may want to reconsider. Azle clearly does not have the numbers of some programs but they still have some very good wrestlers.

Team Scores

1. Edmond North 249.00
2. St. Mark’s 223.50
3. Arlington Bowie 204.50
4. Rockwall 191.00
5. Trinity 144.00
6. Frisco Centennial 125.00
7. Arlington Lamar 110.50
8. Azle 95.50
9. McKinney North 92.50
10. Hebron 92.00
11. Plano East 72.00
12. Plano West 68.00
13. EP El Dorado 56.50
14. Jesuit 50.00
15. Frisco Wakeland 40.00
16. Paschal 37.00
17. Grand Prairie 35.50
18. Dallas Roosevelt 35.00
19. Trimble Tech 2.00
20. Bishop Dunne 0.00

Championship Matches

103 Roderick Gaines, Rockwall Fall Robert Myers, Arlington Lamar, 1.46
112 Stephen Wurster, Rockwall Fall Juan Dominquez, Frisco Centennial, 2.14
119 Chris Wilcox, Hebron Fall Adam Purcell, Trinity, 1.30
125 Kelby Wood, Edmond North Fall Stephen Shinn, Rockwall, .47
130 Ryan Shults, Edmond North Dec Nick Killip, Azle, 9-3
135 Austin Barnes, Rockwall Dec Peder Lindahl, Plano West, 5-3
140 Bill Sessions, St. Mark’s Fall Taylor Kissell, Azle, 1.49
145 David Henry, St. Mark’s Dec Conner Robinson, Edmond North, 8-6
152 Martin Dick, Azle Fall Brian Phillips, Plano East, 2.51
160 Brent Rogers, Arlington Bowie M-Dec Scott Hage, St. Mark’s, 9-0
171 Chris Brooks, Arlington Bowie Dec Alejandro Juarez, Arlington Lamar, 7-1
180 Gary Adams, Rockwall Dec Ryan Hansen, Edmond North, 5-0
189 Ben Grisz, St. Mark’s Fall Marcus McGraw, Arlington Bowie, 3.40
215 Josh Spicer, Frisco Centennial Dec Ike Crews, St. Mark’s, 6-5
285 Branden Land, Edmond North M-Dec Brett Davis, McKinney North, 12-4

Consolation Matches

103 Erick Frick, St. Mark’s Fall Luis Munoz, EP El Dorado, .22
112 Joey Voglesberg, Trinity Dec Jordan McGuire, Edmond North, 6-5
119 Nick Rice, Edmond North M-Dec Kenny Lee, Frisco Centennial, 19-5
125 Daniel Stenstrom, Plano West Dec Jessie Gonzales, McKinney North, 3-0
130 Shawn Klemm, Arlington Bowie Dec Mark McCabe, Jesuit, 5-0
135 Deandrea Carter, Trinity M-Dec Danny Reddin, St. Mark’s, 9-0
140 Arman Asgari, Arlington Bowie Dec Rob Wood, Edmond North, 3-2
145 Brad Atkinson, Arlington Bowie M-Dec Ryan Maldonado, Trinity, 15-2
152 Chris Brown, Hebron Fall Adam Roberts, Arlington Bowie, 4.04
160 Max White, Rockwall T-Fall Ian Scruggs, Edmond North, 15-0
171 Zach Gagnon, McKinney North Fall Ben Sheridan, Trinity, .24
180 Kyle Dancy, McKinney North Dec Barrett Galbraith, Arlington Bowie, 9-2
189 Adrian Pena, Grand Prairie Dec Brent Holtrop, Frisco Centennial, 4-3
215 Josh Bishop, Edmond North Dec Tucker Shaw, Jesuit, 8-3
285 Ross Goen, Rockwall Fall Patrick McConegly, Frisco Wakeland, .48

5th Place Matches

103 Cody Curtiss, Frisco Centennial Fall Steve Lee, Trinity, .43
112 Vincent Tenorio, St. Mark’s Fall Matt Jones, Arlington Lamar, 4.57
119 Eric Martinez, Arlington Bowie Dec Jeff Kearney, Azle, 3-1
125 Avi Chavda, St. Mark’s Dflt Jaquorie Sutton, Hebron
130 Matt Hurwitz, Plano West M-Dec Daric O’Dell, Trinity, 12-4
135 Travis Shaffer, Arlington Lamar Fall Preetam Sharma, Edmond North, 4.16
140 Alec Carrion, Plano East M-Dec Brandon Lockhart, Hebron, 12-2
145 Kyle Redmond, Arlington Lamar Fall Kole Richardson, Frisco Wakeland, 2.02
152 Jared Armstrong, Edmond North Dec Will Vogelsberg, Trinity, 4-2
160 Erik Parsons, Azle Fall Anthony Lopez, EP El Dorado, 4.28
171 Kyle Hormann, Edmond North Dec A. Amador, Dallas Roosevelt, 5-3
180 Jorge Estrada, St. Mark’s Fall Greg Talley, Plano East, .29
189 Pat Cioffi, Plano East Dflt Matthew Claggett, Rockwall
215 L. Joiner, Dallas Roosevelt Fall Prestin Brown, Grand Prairie, 1.20
285 Michael Weber, Arlington Lamar Fall Robert Umeh, Arlington Bowie, 1.20

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