Part II – The Bus Ride From Hell

Bloged in News and Information by John Rizzuti Tuesday May 23, 2006

By John Rizzuti
All rights reserved

The 2005 Team Texas return trip from Fargo, North Dakota to Dallas is right at 1140 miles. According to sworn FBI affidavits, for one male member of the Texas USA Wrestling coaching staff the bus ride was playtime. For two adolescent 16-year old girls, it was frightening and terrifying – a horrendous finale to a week of unprecedented team success. It became the bus ride from hell. This lurid, 20-hour trip made Sherman’s march to the sea look like a cakewalk.

Working with public information, and by conducting scores of interviews, (ITW) has managed to piece together the real story of what happened during the return trip of the girl’s national championship team. ITW has also uncovered a new witness who has related testimony that could blow the case wide open. (See below)


FBI investigating sexual assault on female Team Texas members; Grand Jury to convene this week to review charges against coach.

Bloged in News and Information by John Rizzuti Monday May 15, 2006

By John Rizzuti
All rights reserved (ITW) has learned that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), based on information originally supplied by Texas law enforcement and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI), is investigating the possible sexual assault and kidnapping of two female Texas USA Wrestling Team Texas members that occurred last year on a bus ride from Fargo, North Dakota to Texas.

The Team Texas group was returning from competing at the National Junior Women’s Championships, held in Fargo on July 29-30, 2005. Eleven Texas females earned All-American honors during that competition.


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