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The State of the Union. A Preseason Outlook.
And a Look Back on Last Year.

By Russell Pate
ITW Staff Writer

End of the Beginning or the Beginning of the End?
2007 will forever mark both an end and a beginning for Houston Wrestling. It was the end of Houston wrestling’s infancy, as the city boasted its first Texas State Champions, the Cinco Ranch Cougars who knocked off perennial state champion Highland Park in one of the most interesting and controversial team titles in recent years.

But Cinco Ranch’s title is not just the end of Houston’s early days, it could also mark the beginning of the end for Dallas’ grip on state supremacy, as the Houston area appears ready to take the next step as a Texas wrestling hotbed.

State of the Union
When looking back at last year’s Cinco Ranch Championship you have to look back further than Bill Dushane’s 2007 Cougars. You have to look back to the beginning of Houston Wrestling, and when you do, you look back at the same man. Coach Dushane (then of St. Thomas) and Coach Steve Leisz (then of Kinkaid – but now of Episcopal) were not a part of the early Houston Wrestling scene, they were the scene.

The two men coached the city’s first real teams at a time when privates and publics wrestled together. An area scheduling meeting back then would have been consisted of one calling the other, since they were essentially the only full teams in town.

In fact, back then it was Houston teams travelling to San Antonio and Austin to face superior competition. Since then, things have greatly changed as the Houston area has grown to be a major player at the state level. Truth is, San Antonio wrestling has improved by leaps and bounds as well.

Houston was and in some ways still is a sleeping giant when it comes to wrestling. Urban areas are not traditionally tough in wrestling, just look at the toughest wrestling state in the country, Pennsylvania, and see how much of the wrestling comes out of the Pittsburgh or Philadelphia areas.

But Texas is as suburban a state as there is in the whole country. This naturally lends itself to great High School Athletics. The most exclusive private schools on the east coast cannot match the resources and community support that a Suburban Texas district like Southlake, Coppell, Woodlands, Klein, or Katy can sink into athletics.

Couple that with Texas’ built in advantage of athletic periods and you see how huge metropolitan areas like Dallas and Houston can make such strides on a state and national level. (Now if Texas could just figure out how to use its magnificent resources for the advancement and promotion of the sport across the state rather than for regional supremacy or individual gain.)

Houston has grown to a point that it likely accounts for ¼ of the wrestling in this state (with Dallas making up ½ and the rest of the state combining for the other ¼). However, Houston wrestling is growing at a faster rate than anyone else (3 teams in the late 90s to over 50 less than 10 years later).

And there are still a number of large suburban School Districts without wrestling (Fort Bend ISD alone will add nine 5A high schools, not to mention districts like Lamar Consolidated (2), Spring (2), Aldine (4), Humble (3), Pasadena (5), and Baytown (2)).

The entire Texas High School Wrestling Coaches Association is already made up of over half Houston members. Some people outside of Houston don’t understand just how big and sprawling the area is. In size, Dallas is definitely a little brother. They just have the name recognition of a bad 80s soap opera, and the publicity of a plastic faced pro sports owner and his/”America’s” team).

The bottom line is that while the entire area celebrated when Cinco Ranch finally broke through and brought a title to Southeast Texas, Houston may soon replace Green Bay as “Title Town”, USA.

Highlights of 2006-07
• The 2nd regional dual tournament Qualifiers included Cinco Ranch, Cy Fair, Taylor, Klein Oak, Westside, and Klein. All six would represent Houston at the State duals.

• The State Duals were conducted at The Merrell Center, a new Katy ISD facility so nice that coaches and fans from across Texas were looking for ways to move the State Tournament there. Cy Fair was the big Houston story at the tournament, with a performance that included a big win over Allen in a pool that had them seeded 3rd out of 4. After winning their pool they dropped a close match to eventual champ Highland Park in the semis and then topped a tough Randall team with an exciting one point win for 3rd.

• The Region III Tournament moved south to Houston for the first time and was also held at the Merrell Center in Katy. The big story here was not the winners, but rather a few of the ones who didn’t win as upsets were in the air. Houston wrestlers Phil Thomas of Klein and Raufe’on Stotts of Klein Oak took out highly ranked opponents to help secure state berths.

• In Austin, it was all about Cinco Ranch’s State title. After many key wrestlers including Matt Harris missed the whole first half of the season to the school’s first extended postseason football run, Cinco had suffered a few losses and lost a little shine from their lofty preseason status. However, with the team whole again and peaking at the right time, they were able to secure their first state title on the strength of State Champs Jamie Sheets and Matt Harris.

• Harris and Sheets (both 2X champs) were among five Houston wrestlers to bring home gold in Austin. Sophomore Eric Spjut of the Woodlands earned the first of many likely titles at 119 and Austin McCain of Cy Fair followed up with a title at 125. McCain was the great surprise of the Tournament. When the season started he was not state ranked by anyone. He even snuck by ITWs always stellar rankings (despite an inclusion on Russell Pate’s ballot), but the truth is nobody could be blamed for missing him. He started the year as a kid who had never placed at Regionals and ended it as a state champion over one of Texas’ best ever Josh Sandoval.

• The 5th Houston champ was Steve Nijoka who won an all Houston final over Zac Benson and continued a four-year run of Houston 215 lb. state champions (Sanders, Aston, Jones, Nijoka). Sheets is now wrestling at Colorado Mines and Nijoka has joined the Oklahoma Sooners squad.

Looking Ahead –2007-2008???
Below are my pre-season team rankings. I believe The Woodlands is the area’s top team and a top 10 state wide team. After that 2-6 are really interchangeable. These are the only team rankings I will do for the season. After this initial guess I will leave the area team rankings in the able hands of Houston Chronicle writer (and ITW friend) Terry Carter. Make sure to not only read all of Terry’s great high school wrestling coverage, but to let the paper know how you feel. If the wrestling community does not vocally support the media outlets who cover us, we have no right to complain about the lack of coverage we all receive.

Houston Power Rankings
(and by rankings I mean guesses since it is October)

1. Woodlands ( lots of potential and a star in Spjut to carry them.
2. Klein ( a new coach but the same formula as Klein again boasts one of the deepest rosters in the city. Stronger as a dual team.
3. Houston Westside ( Addition of sophomore JC Pacheco to returning tough senior class of Hazard and Murrell will make them a UIL State Tournament Threat.
4. Cinco Ranch ( They graduate more than anyone but are still the only area team with 2 returning state placers.
5. Klein Oak ( A new Coach and lots of graduations, but he has the tools to reload and be in the hunt come February.
6. Katy Taylor ( Junior heavy team last year with a chance to be the area’s top Dual team if last year’s light weight holes can be filled.
7. Katy ( solid returning core.
8. Cy Fair: another successful team with a new coach.
9. Beaumont Westbrook: First 2 state placers last year and one returns (Mouton 5th @189).
10. Cy Ridge: insiders say they could be the district’s favorites this year.
11. Morton Ranch: emerged as a tough dual team in 2007.
12. Klein Collins: Should be improved from a year ago, watch out for dark horse Sean Sanders on a state level.
13. Mayde Creek ( they should be solid again.
14. Brazoswood ( they have been improving for years, can they take the next step?
15. ???

And Stay tuned for the full Houston Pre-Season Report Starting November 1st and leading up to the start of wrestling. If there is a story that you want to hear, or information you have to contribute, post a comment or email me at

Russell Pate
ITW Houston Reporter
and Staff Writer

Author’s Note: My aim with this column is to produce 100% positive media coverage for kids who don’t otherwise receive it. I have no desire to be “hard hitting”. I also cannot be everywhere at once. If you think I am wrong, tell me by responding to the column. I won’t take it personal. I’m not the authority on wrestling, I’m just a guy who knows how good Houston wrestling is, and wants everyone else to see it too.

The Houston Report: Mon, 05 Mar 2007 23:51:02 +0000 John Rizzuti The Houston Report Final In-Season Houston Report. The Bottom Line!

By Russell Pate
ITW Staff Writer

Here is a late and overdue edition of the Houston Report to wrap up 2006-07. Let me take a look at each state champ from the area.

Study in Heroism – Jamie Sheets
When I use the word hero here, I mean it in the superhero sense, because that’s what he did at State. When he stepped on the mat for the 145 lb. State Finals, Cinco’s Team Title chances looked about like Gotham City’s do before Batman arrives. He changed all of that with :48 seconds that will not be forgotten for a long time. His bookend state titles make an argument for him as the best Houston wrestler not named James Aston. There have been other 2X champs, but none who beat wrestlers the caliber Jamie did for his titles. This title win over undefeated Mike Murray was awesome, but don’t forget that his first championship was won in a weight class that had Shane Doughman and Sean Kitchen in the 3rd place match.

The Final Word – His leadership of Houston’s first state team title will be remembered even more than his pair of individual golds.

Study in Clutch – Matt Harris
If Sheets saved the day like Batman, then call Matt Harris Superman. He spent big parts of the last two regular seasons doing a good Clark Kent impression before taking off the glasses and becoming The Man of Steel each February. I have never seen a wrestler with the ability to raise his level and wrestle so far above himself when it matters most. He is the definition of the word “Winner” on the mat and on the football field. Whatever he decides for college, I will make one bet, he’ll be at his best when the lights get brightest.

The Final Word – The Rockets made Houston Clutch City back in the 90s, but Matt Harris has revived the nickname.

Study in Excellence – Steve Nijoka

Call Nijoka the Renaissance Man because it appears he does everything well. Not only did he just cap a 55-1 season with a state title, he did it in style. His low single in the 215 lb. weight class was perhaps the single best offensive move in the state of Texas this year. People often assume that upper weight wrestlers have no skill, but the truth is that the pushing matches we see are often the result of how hard it is to “Do” anything to a large athletic man (of which Texas has plenty). Nijoka, who started as a middle weight, was undoubtedly the most skilled wrestler in his weight class, but most skilled wrestlers cannot dream of finishing on guys that size. Nijoka offered the whole package though. His strength (he appears to be no stranger to the squat rack) and athletic ability were as big of factors to his low single as the countless hours he must have spent drilling it. I am also guessing that if we had a true “All-Weight” champion last week, it would have been him, not one of the heavyweights.

The Final Word – Nijoka was near the top of Houston’s 4 year run of 215 lb. state champs (Sanders, Aston, Jones, Nijoka).

Study in Ferocity – Austin McCain
McCain is a shark. There is no other way to put it. He sniffs out weakness like blood in the water and then he goes for the kill. No matter where he is he sees himself as the toughest guy in the Gym. You could put OU 125 lb. standout Sam Hazewinkle on the opposite side and Austin would go out to win. It’s not that he lies to himself, he’s just a killer on a very short leash. His destruction of a very tough Chris Nguyen at Regionals should have let us know what was to come at state. His semi-final with Josh Sandoval saw a pair of sharks, two guys who aren’t happy with scoring two, they are constantly looking five. And McCain out-sharked the shark that day.

The Final Word – Hopefully McCain plans on competing at the next level, because I’d love to see him bring that “alpha male” competitiveness to a college room.

Study in Tenacity – Eric Spjut
Eric is a tough kid who seems to never stop doing the right things. I have never seen a young wrestler have a more consistent first two years. He has been rock solid for over 50 wins each of his first 2 seasons, always working to improve. His on the mat style appears to be an extension of great character off the mat; bruising, intense, swarming, constant, and never satisfied.

The Final Word – expect Eric to not only repeat as a state champ, but expect him to be much improved for his junior campaign.

The Stockton Report Tue, 20 Feb 2007 00:45:39 +0000 John Rizzuti News and Information UIL Girls State – 2007

by Mike Stockton

Here we go again. Another great year in women’s wrestling in Texas! This might be the best state championship ever. This is, by far, the best senior class in history with names like Brooks, Epps, Clark, Wood, Lowe, Underwood, Kurt, McClendon, and Alvarado. I could go on and on and on.

But then you have the young ones knocking at their door –juniors Tessa Plana and Angie Murray, sophomores Courtney Lindley and Kirsten Strickler and freshman phenom Trisha Jenkins. Women’s wrestling gets better and better each year in this state.

Now to the business at hand; last year I named 7 out of 10 champions and had 16 of the 20 finalists. This year I might miss some of them because it is so tight in several weight classes. But, I will lay money that I don’t miss many. Plus I will name the team champions as well – can Caprock continue its dominance?

95 pounds – This has some tough young ladies competing, but no one will touch reigning State Champion Lene Wood from Frisco Centennial. She hasn’t given up a takedown this season and won’t be stopped here. Jennifer Gonzalez from PSJA Memorial will finish 2nd, Heather Mandhardt from Katy Taylor 3rd and Jenny Garza from Rio Grande City will finish 4th. The best early match-up will be Garza and Palo Duro’s Plasencio in round 2. If Garza stops the deadly Palo Duro headlock, she keeps moving.

102 pounds – Five girls can win this weight class and I wouldn’t be shocked with any of them. But you want to know who will win and that is Lady Blue Montoya from El Paso Chapin. She will avenge her one loss on the year to Lisa Martinez from Caprock at the regional finals and win it all.

Martinez will finish 2nd, LBJ’s Helen Timmons 3rd, and Arlington’s Crystal Grajeda finishes 4th. Don’t forget about Cy Ridge’s Jessica Nguyen, Montwood’s Nicole Silva Southlake Carroll’s Jordan West, or Rio Grande’s Krystal Montalvo. Best match ups will be Timmons/Silva and Montoya/Grajeda in the quarterfinals.

110 pounds – Remember at 103, I said five could win it; well here you have nine with a shot. Let the discussions begin because two-time defending champion Awbrey Lowe will leave Austin not with gold, but with a bronze this year.
We will see a rematch of another regional final in this one with T.J. Cannon from Arlington Bowie taking on Emily Martin from Frisco Centennial. It was a great match at the Texas Ladies Classic, it was a great final at regional, and it will be a fantastic final at the State Tournament.

Lowe will beat Suzanne Baker from Arlington Lamar in the consolation finals. That leaves undefeated Jenny Torres from Shoemaker, Nancy Rodriguez from Crockett, and Brynn Suttles who each have only lost to Torres – not placing. Best early match-up will be Martin/Torres and Lowe/Baker in the quarterfinals.

119 pounds – This one is a little easier than the last two. Cy Fair’s Angie Murray will complete the first half of the brother/sister sweep in the afternoon and we will see if Michael can do his part later it in the evening. The winner of the Strickler and Maylene Garcia from Corpus Christi Ray semi will finish 2nd and the other 3rd. I am picking Strickler to win.

Mia Mickelson from Arlington Lamar will finish 4th. That leaves Lisa Gutierrez from Del Valle, Jennifer Williams from Caprock, and The Woodlands Avery Eshenroder on the outside looking in. Best match-up will be Strickler/Gutierrez in the quarters.

128 pounds – The Judo Master Coppell’s Tessa Plana will dominate this weight. She finished 4th in the nation last year but will finish number-one in the state Saturday afternoon. Ashley Underwood from Amarillo River Road will be second, Stephanie Han from EP Irvin third, and Anna Campos will finish fourth. Don’t forget about Arlington’s Amy Stephens or Wagner’s Marissa De La Garza – they’ll be in the hunt as well. Best match-up early will be Han/De La Garza.

138 pounds – Finally I get a couple of easy picks for champion. Defending Champion and self-titled “Headlock Queen” Vanessa Epps from Frisco will repeat. She has over 130 wins including 110 pins and she wants to finish with 4 more.

Her best match will be against Daffney Barbosa from Caprock whose only loss was to Epps by the score of 8-4 at the Texas Ladies Classic. Epps’ only 3-round match in two years! Barbosa will finish 3rd since she sees Epps in the semi’s. Whitney Disotelle from Waller will finish 2nd and Andriena Moore from Shoemaker will finish 4th.
Look out for Katy Brown from A&M and Hereford’s Allison Medina. Best match-up will be Epps/Brown in the quarterfinals.

148 pounds – This is another easy one. Lindsey Brooks makes it three state titles in a row! She is the all time winningest wrestler in Texas state history. With four more matches to end her Texas career she’ll move on to bigger and brighter things.

Francis Efiong from Arlington Lamar might be accepting of the torch when she finishes 2nd, Kirsten Iruegas from Hereford 3rd and Brittney Meyer from Cy Falls (who has only loss to Brooks) finishes 4th. Best match-up will be Efiong and Meyer in the ¼ finals. Look out for Pflugerville Zinna Anyanwuh; she will make some noise, too.

165 pounds –Back to another difficult weight-class prediction right here. You have three undefeated girls in this weight class. You have two returning state runner-ups, plus two others who have only one loss to one of the undefeated girls.

Can we make my life hard doing this? I think some wrestlers avoided Lindsey Brooks at 148 this year, but life is still tough. Let’s start with the finals: Katy Taylor’s Adele Kurt and Caprock’s Maci Alvarado with Alvarado winning a tight match. Arlington Sequin’s Erica McClendon, who lost a controversial final last year will lose to Alvarado in the quarterfinals but come back and finish 3rd and Ellison’s Keyetta Brown will finish 4th.

Look out though for Katie Brackin from LBJ, Cedar Park’s Jaime Moore and Katy’s Alana Jimenez. Best early match-up easily McClendon/Alvarado in the quarters. This could have been a final.

185 pounds – Three undefeated girls again!!!! Carrie Clark from Vista Ridge will end her career with a repeat performance. Venus Barron from Katy Taylor will beat Keller Central freshman phenom Trisha Jenkins in the semi’s and get 2nd. Jenkins will finish 3rd and Jaleesa Stell from Palo Duro will end up 4th. Josie Garcia from Beeville Jones and Claudia Pena from PSJA will be in the fight but the top three are the best by far. Early match-up of Pena/Barron will be mighty good.

215 pounds – We finish with the big ladies but another not easy to handicap weight class. Cassie Rangel from PSJA Memorial will defeat “Tiny” Amanda Athon from Arlington in the finals.

Estrella Cabrera from Klein Collins will finish 3rd and Karon Scott from Austin LBJ will score points at 4th. Deicy Cervantes from Socorro and Demetria Brown from Kimball will be tough to beat as well. Scott and Athon in the quarterfinals will be the best early match-up by far.

Best Five after the State
1. Lindsey Brooks – Klein – 3 Time Champion, All time wins – The total package
2. Vanessa Epps – Frisco – 2 Time Champion, 3 time finalist, The lean, mean pinning machine
3. Angie Murray – Cy Fair – She will be a 2-time champion and 3 time finalist after next year. Makes history as her brother wins state too!
4. Emily Martin – Frisco Centennial – One of the best in the state on her feet!
5. Carrie Clark – Vista Ridge – The most powerful double leg in the State!

Who wins it all? Caprock again!!!!!!! After plugging in the computer, Katy Taylor will be 2nd, then Frisco, Arlington Lamar, PSJA Memorial, Arlington, Frisco Centennial, Cy Fair. Now all this includes prediction of bonus points.

We will see what really happens starting Friday morning!!!

Thanks for reading!

Mike Stockton

Houston Report - Postseason Outlook Fri, 02 Feb 2007 14:46:05 +0000 Russell Pate News and Information The Houston Report:
“District Preview and Regular Season Recap”
By Russell Pate
ITW Staff Writer

Part I:

Houston Power Rankings (with my pre-season rank in parenthesis)

There are a clear top 6 a step above the rest based on season long dual and tournament strength.
1. Cy Fair (2):
2. Cinco Ranch (1)
3. Klein (3)
4. Woodlands (4)
5. Klein Oak (6)
6. Houston Westside (7)

And we’ll take the easy way out and declare the next 6 all close enough to be tied. Anyone could win depending on dual, small tournament, state tournament, etc…
-Katy Taylor
-Mayde Creek
-Beaumont Westbrook:
-Morton Ranch:
-Cy Ridge:

Part II:

Klein/Woodlands District
Top Team - Woodlands. They are easy to forget sometimes because of a schedule that takes them away from Houston so often. However, they have the depth to compete at the District and Regional level, and Spjut and Hinton should land them at least in the top 10 come state.

Other Contenders – The word “other” doesn’t do Klein and Klein Oak justice. Either team could win the district tournament and both should place in the top 8 at regionals. Come State Tournament time Klein will need big points from Chris Nguyen and Phil Thomas to crack the top 10.

Top Individuals –
Spjut is a state favorite at 119
Hinton has a chance to win at 285
Thomas is a darkhorse at 180 and could go anywhere from 1st to DNP

Darkhorse - Look out for Jon Elijah from Oak dropping to 215. He could place.

Katy District
Top Team – Cinco Ranch. They should win a 6th consecutive district championship, an incredible example of consistency in a district as tough as any year in and year out. Their district makes them a darkhorse at the regional level, but look out for them at state. Everyone knows about potential champs Sheets, McNair, and Harris, but their season could be made or broken on the wide shoulders of heavyweight John Gioffe who has quietly gone undefeated with wins over Haynie (allen) and Goen (rockwall).

Other Contenders – Taylor, Katy, Morton Ranch, and Mayde Creek will all fight for 2nd. All are above average but the edge probably goes to Taylor and their post-season experience and coaching.

Top Individuals –
Jamie Sheets (145) looks to bookend his career with freshman and senior state titles.
Matt Harris (160) has suffered a few losses but is still defending champ
Will Morris (171) is as good a bet as any to reach the finals and lose to Kyle Anderson
215 boasts 2 top state contenders in Strake’s Steve Nijoka and Mayde Creek’s Benson

Darkhorse – The previously mentioned John Gioffe (285)

District 24
Top Team – Beaumont Westbrook. They sit so far outside of Houston they don’t get recognized for what they are, a very good wrestling program. This year should start a streak of district titles that lasts as long as this current alignment.

Other Contenders – Brazoswood is the clear 2nd place, but the young Clear Creek ISD programs are on the right track.

Top Individuals –
Gerald Moulton (189) Is the only real state place contender. More important he is just a junior and just keeps getting better. He was an alternate in 05 as a freshman, a qualifier as a soph last year, a potential placer this year, and as a senior next year a ….

Darkhorse – Jamaal Bufford (171/180) of Brazoswood is in a tough weight class but could make noise in Austin with the right circumstances.

Cy Fair District
Top Team – Cy Fair. They will likely qualify 15 for the regional tournament and will be very tough to beat there. State is still an unknown but they handled their last unknown pretty well (state duals).

Other Contenders – Cy Ridge is a solid 2nd place in the district.

Top Individuals –
Mike Murray (145) is the favorite in the state.
Austin McCain (125) should compete for a state place
Matt Cantelmo (285) will be in the mix at every level as he comes up big in big matches

Darkhorse – Drew Pikulski (140) keeps it close against great and average wrestlers alike. This spells upset either for or against him. This makes him a good day away from the podium.

HISD District
Top Team – Westside. They will look best at the state level and could make unexpected noise in the way Klein Oak did in 2005 (3 qualifers, 3 finalists).

Other Contenders – none.

Top Individuals –
James Hazzard (160) is amongst the best in the state.
Trent Murrell (152) looked like weight hurts him at 152, but he can beat anyone not named Brent Rogers

Darkhorse – Brandon Tullos (171) has big wins and big losses this year. Which one will show up for regionals and state.

Final UIL Rankings Wed, 24 Jan 2007 20:58:51 +0000 John Rizzuti News and Information by The Ranking Czar
Official Texas High School Rankings
Public Schools Only

Final In-Season Rankings — After District Action

1 Eric Simons (11) Allen
2 Victor Dotson (9) Canyon Randall
3 Roderick Gaines (9) Rockwall
4 Robert Myers (10) Lamar
5 Tyler Lukes (9) Cy-Ridge
6 Zach Nash (10) Keller-Central
7 Tobin Fulton (11) HP
8 Gerardo Salgado (10) Westside

1 Danny Luttrell (11) Arlington
2 Greg Gogonas (10) Austin Bowie
3 Stephen Wurster (11) Rockwall
4 Joey Vogelsberg (9) Trinity
5 Thomas Harris (12) Amarillo Caprock
6 Bryan Osorio (10) Vista-Ridge
7 Nick Waltman (12) Cinco Ranch
8 Austin Davis (10) Klein Oak
9 Josh Martinez (10) Randall

1 Erik Spjut (10) The Woodlands
2 Brandon McDonald (12) Canyon Randall
3 Chris Wilcox (11) Hebron
4 Adam Purcell (12) Trinity
5 Jason Mozely (9) Arlington Martin
6 Donovan Vanderbilt (11) Cy Fair
7 Landon Wyatt (12) Fossill Ridge
8 Scott Reinbold (11) SGP

1 Josh Sandoval (12) Colleyville Heritage
2 Harvey Saurez (12) Amarillo Caprock
3 Kalvin King (12) Canyon Randall
4 Tyler Lee (10) Marcus
5 Landon Christly (10)SGP
6 Austin McCain (12) Cy Fair
7 Chris Nguyen (12) Klein
8 Isaac Kinsella (9) Lake Highlands

1 Jeremy Sandoval (10) Colleyville Heritage
2 Danny Caraveo (12) El Paso Franklin
3 Ryan Larson (12) SA Roosevelt
4 Abel Carrillo (11) El Paso Hanks
5 Jace Bennett (9) Canyon Randall
6 Zach Vick (12) HP
7 Ryan Benoit (12) McKinney North

1 Jimmy Peterson (12) SA Madison
2 Dillon Horn (11) Coppell
3 Joe Quinto (12) Amarillo Tascosa
4 Clifton Thompson (12) Martin
5 Eden Bernstein (10) Allen
6 Matt Rascon (12) The Woodlands
7 Austin Barnes (11) Rockwall
8 Chad Gallatin (10) HP
9 Matt Hasson (12) Cy Fair
10 Matt Hunt (12) SGP

1 Kamerawn Smedley (12) Allen
2 Austin Cordova (11) Lake Highlands
3 Bobby Barney (11) Austin Anderson
4 Collin Brown (11) Amarillo Tascosa
5 Brad Atkinson (12) Arlington Bowie
6 Chase Gallatin (12) HP
7 Ryan Money (12) Martin
8 Matt Kovacs (11) The Woodlands
9 Drew Pikulski (11) Cy Fair

1 Mike Murray (12) Cy Fair
2 John Cloutier (11) Henderson
3 Jamie Sheets (12) Cinco Ranch
4 Camron Couch (11) Keller
5 Robert Aguilar (12) El Paso Hanks
6 Whitton White (11) Lamar
7 Taylor Clipper (11) Arlington Martin
8 Donnie Bell (11) SGP

1 Brent Rogers (12) Arlington Bowie
2 Chris Lomas (12) Creekview
3 Jordan Couch (12) Keller
4 Estaban Carrera (12) Allen
5 Trent Murrel (11) Westside
6 Marty Dick (11) Azle
7 Kaleb Luna (12) Borger
8 Chris Brown (12) Hebron
9 Cody Frankum (11) Cedar Park

1 Johnny Luttrell (12) Arlington
2 Jeremy Watson (12) Borger
3 Cameron Padilla (12) Canyon Randall
4 James Hazzard (11) Westside
5 Max White (12) Rockwall
6 Matt Harris (12) Cinco Ranch
7 Ben Robinson (12) Coppell
8 Jacob Payne (12) Weatherford
9 Jay Fortner (10) Klein Oak
10 Brennan Ochoa (12) Fossil Ridge

1 Kyle Anderson (12) HP
2 Will Morris (11) Cinco Ranch
3 Jordan Wehr (12) Austin Bowie
4 Joey Sykes (11) Canyon Randall
5 Chris Brooks (11) Arlington Bowie
6 Efren Franco (12) El Paso Chaplin
7 Brandon Tullos (12) Westside
8 Alejandro Juarez (12) Arlington Lamar
9 Jason Mefford (11) Frisco

1 Teddy Gambordella (12) HP
2 Will McNair (12) Cinco Ranch
3 Alex Rinaldi (12) Jesuit
4 Phillip Thomas (12) Klein
5 Scotty Cayton (12) Allen
6 Landon Dockery (10) Cedar Park
7 Trey Haberman (12) Borger
8 Jeff Kerwin (12) Martin

1 Spencer Covey (12) Coppell
2 Robert Prigmore (11) Southlake Carroll
3 Marcus McGraw (11) Arlington Bowie
4 Oscar Mesa (12) El Paso El Dorado
5 Joseph Flores (10) Canyon Randall
6 Matt Parker (10) Paschal
7 Devon Woods (12) Amarillo Caprock
8 Gerald Mouton (12) Westbrook

1 Nick Garza (12) Weslaco
2 Steve Nijoka (12) Strake Jesuit
3 Robert Guzman (12) El Paso Franklin
4 Kevin Leal (11) Samuell
5 Zac Benson (12) Mayde Creek
6 Aaron Miller (12) Klein
7 Josh Spicer (12) Frisco Centennial
8 Josh Bagby (11) Creekview

1 Eddie Noriega (11) El Paso Eastwood
2 Riley Johnson (12) Amarillo Tascosa
3 Bake Lee (12) McKinney
4 Matthew Lupardus (12) Keller
5 Matt Hinton (12) Woodlands
6 Charles Bryant (12) Austin Lanier
7 Todd Zgabay (12) Bryan
8 Ross Goen (12) Rockwall
9 Matt Cantelmo (12) Cy Fair
10 Steven Speer (12) Arlington
11 Matt Teague (12) Forth Worth Western Hills


Final In-Season Ranking
(in parenthesis are the number of probable state placers)

by John Rizzuti

1. Canyon Randall (7)
2. Arlington Bowie (5)
3. Highland Park (5)
4. The Ranch (5)
5. Cy-Fair (6)
6. Arlington (3)
7. Allen (3)
8. Coppell (3)
9. The Rock (3)
10. Colley Heritage (2)

Coming on: Arlington Martin, Caprock, Lake Highlands, The Wood, Tascosa and a bunch of other schools including Keller, Franklin, Klein Oak, Klein and Houston Westside.

Great Wrestling at the Grape Mon, 08 Jan 2007 01:37:39 +0000 Peter Dewey News and Information The Dallas Report by Peter Dewey
ITW Senior Writer

Just when you think the wrestling at the Grapevine Duals can’t get any better, it does. There was no match this weekend between New Orleans Jesuit and Highland Park. But noone seemed to miss it. On Saturday in particular there were duals between top ranked teams everywhere you turned. Most were being decided by the very last matches. Top ranked wrestlers were battling each other. In some cases more than once. Upsets abounded. New stars were emerging. Top teams were establishing a pecking order. When the gym finally cleared NOJ reclaimed the Championship they have won three of the past five years. But to do so they had to survive not one but two intense duals with Arlington Bowie. And Bowie left absolutely no doubt that they were the best of the rest and a force to be reconded with in two weeks at the Texas State Duals Championships.

Pool Competition

Day One is pool competition. Some of the matches are a bit lopsided as the top seeds can usually roll up the scores on the lesser teams. But for the wrestlers themselves it is a tough grind of five matches in a single day with a weighin awaiting them the next morning.

There were no real surprises at the top of pools A, B and C where each of the top two seeds emerged with perfect 5-0 records. They were Allen, St. Mark’s, Highland Park, Carl Albert, New Orleans Jesuit and Arlington Bowie.
But #3 seed Rockwall shook up Pool D with wins over #1 The Woodlands 42-33 and #2 Lake Highlands 42-36.

Cinco Ranch with the disadvantage of being a #3 seed had to face both Bowie and NOJ on Day 1. The CR-Bowie match was a good one and the score seesawed back and forth with Bowie prevailing 36-32. We were treated to a match at 160 between two state champs - Brent Rogers (Bow) and Matt Harris (CR). Great match. Harris tied it with a takedown in the last 30 seconds and Rogers won it with an escape at the buzzer 7-6. Brad Atkinson (Bow) (who would go 10-0 this weekend) dropped to 140 and missed Jamie Sheets (CR) who stayed at 145. Both won by fall. At 171 undefeated Will Morriss (CR) met Chris Brooks (Bow). Great match tied 8-8 with 20 seconds remaining when Morriss hit the 5 point throw for the win. And then came Will McNair v. Marcus McGraw at 189. This time it was McGraw who got the early 5 point move and made it stand up for 7-3 win. Great match … have we said that before?

After a match with Dallas Jesuit, Cinco Ranch had to face off with NOJ. The match started at 112 and NOJ has some outstanding lightweights. Before CR could catch its breath, NOJ had recorded falls at 112, 119, 125, 130, 135 and 140 and the score stood 36-0. Time to pack it in for CR. Not a chance. Too much pride on this senior laden team for that. CR won at 145, Sheets got a fall at 152 and Harris got a major at 160. At 171, Morris gave it everything he had but suffered his first loss of the season to NOJ’s Michael Matthews 9-7. CR won at 180 and then Will McNair had an impressive 11-4 win over La State Champ Johnny Plamer at 189. In the end it was NOJ 50, CR 25. It was a brutal first day for CR, could they regroup on Day 2?

Day 2 began with each of the top two seeds squaring off in the final round of pool competition. These matches were absolutely wild. The enthusiasm was high. The gym seemed to be rocked by the cheering and shouting. HP beat Carl Albert by a single point. Allen beat St. Mark’s. And it was Bowie’s turn to face NOJ.

Bowie could not have asked for a better start as Marcus McGraw overpowered NOJ’s state champ Johnny Palmer 11-5. But in the next match Bowie felt they were the victim of a quick pin called for NOJ’s Speyrer against Usman. But Umeh picked up a TF at 285. Then the NOJ onslaught began as the match moved to 103. Any points saved would be valuable. Hill avoided a pin at 103 but NOJ got falls at both 112 and 119. Bowie hoped Shawn Klemm could break through with a win. He built a 4-0 lead against NOJ’s Gruezke but couldn’t make it stand up and he too fell 6-4. NOJ followed up with a TF at 130 and fall at 135. The score now stood at NOJ 35 Bowie 8 but Coach Mance had been up and down the bench imploring the troops to weather the storm at these lower weights and they could climb back into the match. The climb back began with Brad Atkinson at 140 as he scored a major decision. Then Okere won by fall and Roberts won 4-2. Bowie was back in it at 35-21 and still had Brent Rogers and Chris Brooks waiting in the wings. Bowie believed they would prevail. At 160 Rogers took the mat against NOJ’s Cobena. Tension was high and tempers flared when Rogers partially dislocated Cobena’s shoulder. Cobena continued for awhile but was forced to injury default.

Now the score was 35-27 with Chris Brooks up against a tough Michael Matthews from NOJ and then an almost certain win for Bowie at 180. In the 171 match Matthews picked up Brooks and “slammed” him on the takedown. It wasn’t vicious but it was illegal. Brooks was shaken and lay on the mat. If he couldn’t continue Bowie would get 6 points no questions asked and an almost certain win. But he wasn’t hurt and he and his coaches decided he would continue. Wrestlers or coaches with less integrity might have taken the easy way out. Chris Brooks lost the match 8-3 but won the respect of everyone who understood what was happening. Final NOJ 38 Bowie 33

When it was all said and done the top three seeds advanced from each of the pools with one exception. In Pool C, Trinity wrestled extremely well and knocked off everyone in their pool except HP and Carl Albert to advance to the Championship bracket.

Championship Rounds

As the Pool winners rested, the Championship rounds began with 2nd and 3rd place teams squaring off. Bowie easily turned back Dumas 69-16. Carl Albert dispatched The Woodlands 58-21. Trinity continued to impress with tough wrestling but fell to Lake Highlands 44-33. And Cinco Ranch drew yet another tough opponent in St Marks but turned them back 42-28. Two matches of note were Sheets (CR) with a solid victory over David Henry (SM) 7-4 and Will Morriss (CR) and Scott Hage wrestling into OT with Morriss winning 10-9.

Then it was time for Championship Quarterfinals. NOJ dismantled Carl Albert 54-15. Allen was pushed to the limit by Lake Highlands and trailed the entire match before picking up a fall and major at 215 and 285 to win 39-30. And Rockwall had CR on the ropes after Max White (R) won an impressive 7-4 decision over state champ Matt Harris and the Rock led 27-22. But four victories in the last 5 matches gave CR the 34-30 win.

And then there was Highland Park and Bowie. Last year the match with HP dropped Bowie into the consolation bracket. This match began at 103 and Tobin Fulton (HP) was shutting out Ryon Hill 11-0 when Hill turned him to his back and would not let go. The fall came at 5:41. This put Big Mo on the Bowie bench and they never looked back. Bowie just dominated the defending Grapevine, State Dual and UIL Champion. The most significant individual win besides Hill’s was by Brad Atkinson (B) who beat Chase Gallatin (HP) 5-2. When it was over Bowie had doubled up HP 52-26.

In the semi-finals it was a Bowie-CR rematch and NOJ taking on Allen. Three teams from Pool B of four remaining ended all arguments about the toughest pool. Bowie did not relish a rematch with a team it had so narrowly beaten the day before and who could blame them. This situation rarely faors the winner of the first match. And it was just as close the second time. We saw a Rogers (Bow) - Harris (CR) rematch won by Rogers 6-4 and a McGraw(Bow) - McNair(CR) rematch won by McNair 3-2. How about this for a match:
at 140, Atkinson gave Bowie the lead
at 145, Sheets gave CR the lead
at 152, Roberts gave Bowie the lead
at 160, Rogers extended the Bowie lead
at 171, Morriss gave the lead back to CR
at 180, Brooks gave Bowie the lead
at 189, McNair gave CR the lead
at 215, Usman gave Bowie the lead
at 285, Giaffre gave CR the lead
at 103, Hill gave Bowie the lead and the win
Final: Bowie 31, CR 26

The Allen-NOJ semi started at 112 and the Eagles had to be shell-shocked at what NOJ threw at them. A 15-1 major at 112, a fall at 119, a fall at 125, a 6-0 shutout at 130 and a 10-0 major at 135. The score stood at 23-0 before Smedley (A) could stop the bleeding with a fall. But the match was well in hand for NOJ. Still there remained the showdown at 103 between the undefeated #1 ranked junior Eric Simmons (A) and #1 ranked in LA sophmore Jonathon Dupre (NOJ). It was a good match. Dupre remained aggressive throughout but Simmons had a counter for everything and won it 8-2.

And while all this was going on, Lake Highlands handed Highland Park its second defeat 42-34.

The Finals

This time it was NOJ’s turn to dread the rematch with Bowie. As the match began it was obvious both sides - wrestlers, coaches and fans - were simply drained of energy and emotion from a long day filled with tough matches. The match progressed according to form. Beginning at 119, NOJ built a 22-0 lead on two falls and two tech falls. Then beginning with Atkinson at 140, Bowie picked up three wins, score 22-9. At 160 NOJ forfeited to Rogers, NOJ pinned at 171 and Bowie pinned at 180. Score NOJ 28-21. Then the rematch between Johnny Palmer (NOJ) and Marcus McGraw (Bow). Palmer who couldn’t finish a takedown the first time around got one in the first period. The wrestling was aggressive but clean. Emotion returned to the benches. Then the improbable occurred as Palmer slipped on a shot and Marcus made him pay in a hurry. If you blinked you missed it. McGraw got the fall and Bowie sensed upset. Emotion built as Usman (Bow) would not be taken down by Speyrer (NOJ). Sitting on a one point lead Speyrer got dinged for stalling as regulation ended and in overtime Usman got the takedown and the win. This was the first match with a different outcome from this morning. But one might be all Bowie needed. After Umeh worked hard for a fall in the final 15 seconds of the 285 match, Bowie led 36-28.

But protecting an 8 point lead against NOJ’s Jonathon Dupre and Kevin White would be a tall order. Although Hill had avoided bonus points the first time around, Dupre was on a mission this time. He went immediately to work with a takedown and turned Hill. Hill somehow avoided the fall but a few seconds later with a different pinning combination Dupre ended it in the first period. NOJ’s Kevin White also got a quick fall and NOJ had prevailed again … narrowly … 40-36. But much respect was earned all the way around. Fans, wrestlers and coaches who were going at it minutes earlier milled around to congratulate each other and talk about the excellent wrestling they had just experienced.

Meanwhile Cinco Ranch and Allen were in a tight battle for 3rd. At 103, CR’s Girgis gave Simmons (A) all he could handle for 5:45 before being pinned. Allen’s lead was short lived as Waltman (CR) won 9-5 at 112 to make the final score CR 36 Allen 35.

Final Thoughts

New Orleans Jesuit. It has been mentioned several times about how tough the NOJ lineup is from 103 through 135. Well just how good were these guys? Four of them - 2006 State Champ Kevin White at 112, Michael Gruezke at 125, Lee Redfern at 130 and 2006 State Champ Ben Capella went undefeated for 9 matches over two days. The other two suffered one loss each: Jonathon Dupre at 103 to Eric Simmons of Allen and Michael Wieser at 119 to Carl Albert’s superstar Comes 14-11 (Comes also beat Eric Spjut). And these guys not only won they usually got falls or tech falls. Simply winning would not have been enough to win this Championship. NOJ’s Michael Matthews at 171 also went undefeated.

Top Dual Teams. One man’s opinion. Arlington Bowie is right now the best dual team in Texas. Cinco Ranch and Allen are both in the top 5. I’d give the other two spots to Coppell and Bishop Lynch who performed well at Lone Star Duals. Opinions won’t matter in two weeks.

The Tournament. Exceptionally well run yet again. Coach Lujan and Coach Martin continue to carry on but I understand there was a whole new crew of volunteers. Kudos to these ladies led by Susan Jones. Excellent job. Everything was first class.

Texans Wrestling at the LoneStar Duals! Sun, 07 Jan 2007 04:42:39 +0000 John Rizzuti News and Information By John Rizzuti
Managing Editor

If we were to write this story ten years ago when the LoneStar Duals had their first-ever meet, we would have written a very short story. It would have been comparable in length to “Italian War Heroes,” “The Triumphs of the Pakistani Army,” “British Humor,” and “Blacks I have Met While Swimming,” a bunch of really, really short books!

But today it is a different tale. Texans are all over the place! Wrestling for Oklahoma State, North Carolina, Harvard, Northern Colorado and many other institutions of higher learning. And you can give a ton of the credit to the great Barry Boustead and his team with the LSD. They have pioneered the way for the past decade and brought wrestling to its highest level ever by bringing many of the top NCAA, NAIA and NCWA teams from all over the country.

Just think how powerful Texas USA Wrestling would be if we canned the leadership that is there now and put in Barry. Just THINK! (hint, hint, hint)

Here are the results of all Texans wrestling Saturday. If I miss anyone please let me know and I will add those names and results to the story.

Round One:
North Carolina vs. Utah Valley State
165 Keegan Mueller (UNC) WBD over Dustin Olsen (UVS) 12-2

Oklahoma vs. Marion Military Academy
157 Will “The Thrill” Rowe WBF over Darren Stowe 5:26 (Stowe wrestled at The Colony and also is from Texas)

New Mexico Highlands vs. UTA
141 Clay Silver (UTA) LBF to Ross Montou (NMH) in 5:42
157 Ryan Blair (UTA) LBF to Ray Carreon (NMH) in 4:35
165 Brian Kinsella (UTA) WBD over Chris Riding (NMH) 12-8
285 T-Bone Tommy Morton (UTA) LBF to Charles Saguil (NMH) in 5:59

Northern Colorado vs. Harvard
165 Devan Lewis (NCol) WBD over Max Button (Harvard) 9-3
174 Rowdy Fred Rowsey (Har) WBF over Ryan Johnson (NCol) 6:15

Newman vs. University of Central Oklahoma
141 Aeron Hill (Newman) LBD to Kyle Evans (OCO) 8-0
157 Brent Sarette (UCO) WBD over Andrew Nash (New) 6-3

Round Two:
Oklahoma State vs AirForce
165 Kevin Wainscott (OSU) WBMD over Duane Miller (AF) 16-3

Wisconsin vs. Harvard
174 Rowdy Fred Rowsey (Har) LBD to Max Metzger (Wisky) 10-6

North Carolina vs. Boise State
165 Keegan Mueller (UNC) WBD over Luke Smith (BS) 7-3

Round Three:
Wisky vs. Northern Colorado
165 Devan Lewis (NC) LBD to Max Metzger (Wisky) 7-4

AirForce vs. University of Central Oklahoma
165 Justin Credible Wood (UCO) WBF over Duane Miller (AF) in 4:03

Newman vs. UTA
141 Aeron Hill (N) WBID over Clay Silver (UTA)
157 Ryan Blair (UTA) WBD 20-13 over Andrew Nash (N)
165 Brian Kinsella (UTA) WBF over Nate Alvarez (N) in 3:56
174 Cody Duffenback (N) WBF over Chris Boyd (UTA) 3:34
Hwt. T-Bone Tommy Morton (UTA) WBF over Brett Jenlink (N) 3:47

Round Four
165 Devan Lewis (UNC) LBD to Bengi Fiacco (UNC) 5-1

New Mexico Highlands vs. Newman
141 Aeron Hill (N) LBD to Ross Montou (NMH) 14-6
149 Cody Duffenback (N) LBF to Adam Martinez (NMH) in 4:11
174 Kyle Cambern (NMH) WBMD 17-0 over Nate Alvarez (N)

Round Five
Oklahoma vs. Navy
133 Joe Comparin (OU) LBD to Joe Baker (N) 3-1
157 Will “The Thrill” Rowe (OU) WBD over John Jarred (N) 7-5

Harvard vs. Boise State
174 Rowdy Fred Rowsey (H) LBD to Nate Lee (BS) 13-3

UTA vs. Bacone
157 Ryan Blair (UTA) WBD over Leif Olson (B) 13-3
Hwt. “T-Bone” Tommy Morton (UTA) LBF to Jerold Johnson 2:41

Round Six

Oklahoma University vs. Utah Valley State
157 Will “The Thrill” Rowe (OU) WBTF over Clayton Wolfe (UVS) 21-6
197 Matt “King” Cole (OU) WBMD over Eric McAllister (UVS) 14-5

Marion Military Academy vs. University of Central Oklahoma
165 Justin Credible Wood (UCO) WBF over John Ruiz (MMA) in 2:19
197 Reggie Douglas (UCO) WBF over Tyler Barberi (MMA) in 3:34

Brown vs. University of Northern Colorado
165 Devan Lewis (UNC) WBF over David Saadeh (B) 1:48

Round Seven
Boise State vs. UCO
165 Justin Wood (UCO) LBF to Johnny Nunez (BS) in 1:33

Marion Military Academy vs. UTA
157 Ryan Blair (UTA) WBTF over Zach Brewer (MMA) 25-8
165 Brian Kinsella (UTA) WBD over John Ruiz (MMA) 13-7
Hwt. T-Bone (UTA) LBF to Jay Brenovitz (MMA) : in 52

Newman vs. Bacone
141 Aeron Hill (N) WBMD over Travis Kirby (B) 17-6

Houston Report: The Second Half Tue, 02 Jan 2007 14:19:55 +0000 Russell Pate News and Information Handicapping the Field

by russell pate

As we hit the 2nd half running this week, here is a look at the top teams in Houston and what their chances are come Postseason. Here are the Houston Teams who will have the biggest impact in Austin.

4. Klein… Klein has been as solid as any team in the area. They have almost no holes in a lineup made for duals and small tournaments. In a bigger state level tournament they definitely have the guns to compete (Nguyen, Thomas), but is in a smaller tournament or dual where there superior depth really shows up. Outside of Nguyen and Thomas the biggest contributors in this deep lineup have been Gerald Figueroa (119) and Aaron Miller (215). Both should be state qualifiers and guys who can score points once they get there. If these two come through then Klein could be looking at a top 10 finish.

3. Cy Fair… They have been the top team in the city the first half of the year. Their lineup is lead by their middle weights who everybody knew about, but it is the growth of their upperweights who make this a true team. It was obvious to area observers that they would be tough this year from 119-145, with a run of wrestlers who wrestled as youth for the CUMC club. This group is led by returning state place winner Mike Murray, and includes other standouts Vanderbilt, McCain, Metcalf, Hasson, and Pikulski. All have wrestled well this year, but that by itself would not be special. What put them over the top was the emergence of a number of wrestlers in the upper weights, namely Chis Renaud (152) and Matt Cantelmo (285). These two are short on experience but have been long on success this year. These two parts to the team have melded and now form unquestionably the city’s best dual team.

2. The Woodlands… has great depth and a well balanced lineup behind Eric Spjut. They have been top 2 at every tournament they have attended and have shown great consistency so far. Spjut has been spectacular with his only loss coming in overtime to nationally ranked Max Ortega of Rio Rancho at the Oklahoma Open. Heavyweight Matt Hinton made it out in December and has wrestled well. He looks like the best of a deep crop of Houston Heavies. What separates him is his offense and his ability to score. He owns wins over Cantelmo (CF), Benson (MC), Brown (W), and Bryant (Lan) and finished the first half with a superfinals win at Bryan. Expect him to be in the top 3 at state. With Spjut he gives the Woodlands two big scorers at the state tournament, and if they can get any points from the rest of the lineup (Rascon, Kovacs, Boasherliev), then they could be a threat for the top 5 in Austin.

1. Cinco Ranch… Cinco Ranch High School learned this year what life is like for Katy High School every year, as their football team made a deep playoff run. They were helped greatly by players like Matt Harris, Will Morris, John Geoffie, and Matt Stewart. This is great news for these guys, but is tough on the wrestling team since they make up 4 of the top 6 weights on the wrestling team. This created a number of holes that Cinco just could not deal with in the first half. Luckily they don’t hand out the hardware until February. Some people have acted like Cinco’s early losses mean they have a lot to prove as a team in the second half, but I guess these same people don’t follow wrestling in our area much. Cinco barely cracked the top 5 of local tournaments last year the whole first half before coming together for a great run that started with an undefeated day at the Regional Duals and ended with a top 5 state finish. Jamie Sheets, Will McNair, and Matt Harris made up about 90% of Cinco’s points in a top 5 state finish last year. This is a positive and negative as they look to make a run at the title. A positive because they are all back but a bit of a negative because the trio did not leave much room for improvement. For Cinco to better than top 3-5, they will need 20 or so points from the combination of Waltman, Tannory, Morris, and Gioffe.

And finally the Darkhorse
5. Westside…
Their history at the State Tournament should prevent them from being counted a darkhorse, but many assumed that they would quietly disappear this year just because for the first time in a long time they did not have returning big name stars. Shame on any of us who doubted. Ron Baker reminded us why he’s in the hall of fame after guiding an emerging group of stars to a great first half that could lead to yet another strong state tournament. Trent Murrell (152), James Hazzard (160), and Brandon Tullos (171) have had great first halves filled with wins over HIGHER REGARDED opponents (notice I didn’t say upset of better wrestlers. Don’t be surprised to see their history and experience carry the wolves to another top 10 finish.

Houston Area Individual Rankings

1. Tyler Lukes, 9, Cy Ridge
2. Josh Brown, 9, Klein
3. Andrew Girgis CR
4. Gerardo Salgado, Westside
5. Jamie Espinoza, Conroe
Moses Park, SL
Stephen Contreras, College Park
Justin Sanchez, MR
Jeff Nguyen KLN
Matt Segari Woodlands

1. Nick Waltman, 11, Cinco Ranch
2. Austin Davis, 10, Klein Oak
3. Arrowdyne Chit, KC
4. Ryan Newhouse, 10, Woodlands
Taylor Swanson, Klein,
Ryan Klein, Westside

1. Eric Spjut, 10, Woodlands
2. Gerald Figueroa, Klein
3. Matt Morgan, 11, Katy
4. Jacob Beasley, 12, Cy Fair
5. Kelley Ritchie, 12, Mayde Creek
Josh Hutto, Klein Oak
Gleichman, FW, 10
Lolie, KC
Ryan Slebodnik, CR

1. Chris Nguyen, 12, Klein,
2. Donavan Vanderbilt, Cy Fair,
3. JC Pacheco, 9, Fort Bend Baptist
4. Kyle Brown, 11, Taylor
Max Prebeg, College Park
Derek Shaw, 11, Langham Creek
Armando Perez, Katy
Harold Duncan, Morton Ranch
Garrett Smith, KO

1. Austin McCain, 12, Cy Fair
2. Nick Tannory, 11, Cinco Ranch
3. Rivera, CL
4. Josh Smith CYR
5. Alex Baughman, Woodlands
Zac Farhood, St. Thomas
Juan Carlos Gracia, Katy
Sergio Camargo, Taylor

1. Matt Rascon, Woodlands
2. Austin Metcalf, 12, Cy Fair,
3. Dermody, Klein Oak
4. Kleber Pita, 11, Taylor
Romero, Klein
Dark, WB
Hollen, College Park
Will Tarallo, CR

1. Matt Kovacs, 11, Woodlands
2. Michael Hasson, 12, Cy Fair
3. Sean Sanders KC
4. Sergio Almaraz, 12, Morton Ranch
5. Terek Moussa, Langham Creek
Zac Shoulders KO
Travis Gray, Brazoswood
Brad Bartholomew, 12, Cinco Ranch
Ricardo Mendoza Cy-Ridge
Chris Hart, 9, Taylor
Ben Carrera Katy

1. Michael Murray, 12, Cy Fair,
2. Jamie Sheets, 12, Cinco Ranch
3. Raufe’on Stots KO
4. Drew Pikulski, 12, Cy Fair
5. Dustin Curry, 11, Taylor
Vasil Boasherliev, 11, Woodlands
Colin Day, Strake Jesuit

1. Trent Murrell, Westside
2. Chris Renaud, CF
3. Jordan Hauser, SL
4. Hector Parra, KO
5. Kevin Holden, 12, Katy,
Bart Kovacs, Woodlands
Jacob Baumeister, BW
Courtland Smith, SJ

1. Matt Harris, 12, Cinco Ranch
2. James Hazzard, 11, Westside,
3. Jay Fortner, 10, Klein Oak,
4. Brent Morris, 11, Cinco Ranch
5. Patrick Gaume, 12, Woodlands,
Chris Sarazin BW
Cray Vidrine, CF,

1. Will Morris, CR
2. Brandon Tullos, Westside, 12,
3. Jamaal Buford, 11, Brazoswood
Rory Dobbs, Taylor
Cameron Taylor, 12, Mayde Creek
Bryce Jennings, 12, Katy
Walker, KO
Jon Demis, CF
John Raycroft, Woodlands
Rice, Westbrook

1. Will McNair, 12, Cinco Ranch
2. Phil Thomas, 12, Klein
Josh Bonura, Westbrook
Cage, OR
Adam Claeys, Brazoswood
Slaughter, MC
Adam Samia, CF

1. Gerald Moulton, 12, Westbrook
2. Cody Keonig, 12, Taylor
3. Jordan Park, Klein
Jason Freed CF
Travis Winzeler, Westside
Simmons, KO,
Ryan Rosenfeler, Oak Ridge
Taylor Moses KC

1. Steve Nijoka, 12, Strake Jesuit
2. Miller, 11, Klein
Amoo, 12, Morton Ranch
Ortega, 11, Taylor
Josh Dean, 12, Cy Ridge
Lliam Morrison, Westside
Matt Stewart, 11, Cinco Ranch
Kreig Leleux, Cy Fair

1. Matt Hinton, 12, The Woodlands
Zac Benson, 12, Mayde Creek
Tom Elijah, 12, Klein Oak
Matt Cantelmo, 12, Cy Fair,
Gioffe, 11, Cinco Ranch
Reggie Brown, Waller
Wayne Blackwell, 12, Taylor
JT Woodard, 11, Westside
Zoch, Westbrook
Walker, Cy Ridge
Roach, OR

Grapevine Duals - Preview Tue, 26 Dec 2006 22:02:02 +0000 Peter Dewey News and Information The Dallas Report By Peter Dewey

The New Year kicks off in a big way with the Dollarmur Grapevine Duals on January 5th and 6th. Showcasing the event will be the premier wrestling programs from Texas and Louisiana. Highland Park will be defending its 2006 title. New Orleans Jesuit wants to take home a 3rd title in the last 5 years at Grapevine. HP has won 5 of 8 UIL state championships since 1999 and is two time defending champions. NOJ has won 21 La. State Championships since 1972 and is three time defending champions.

In the last four years HP and NOJ have met at Grapevine and created a rivalry based on mutual respect, terrific wrestling and compelling drama. In 2003, the match was decided by two sophmore heavyweights who had not yet learned the heavyweight dance. The NOJ wrestler ended the match on his back but won 10-9. NOJ 37 HP 32. In 2004, HP needed a single win in the last four matches to secure a win. It was not to be. NOJ 34 HP 33. In 2005, NOJ had an awesome team that took it to a HP team that would win both State Duals and UIL. NOJ 50 HP 21. In 2006, the score was tied at 27 when HP took control and won the final four matches without yielding a single point. HP44 NOJ 27. Will they meet again in 2007? We can only hope so.

As compelling as the HP-NOJ rivalry is, the story this year may be the emergence of a half dozen programs who can stand toe-to-toe and slug it out against the likes of HP and NOJ. In the past many teams could compete and win a handful of matches but simply could not match the big boys up and down the line-up weight class by weight class. And to be a good dual team you simply can’t give away weights if want to be competitive on the 2nd day at Grapevine.

Simply stated a number of Texas programs are much more competitive in a Dual Meet format and five of the top eight Dual Meet teams will be at Grapevine (in bold)

Top Ten Dual Meet Teams
1. Bishop Lynch
2. Allen
3. Canyon Randall
4. Highland Park
5. Coppell
6. Cinco Ranch
7. Arlington Bowie
8. St. Marks

9. Arlington Martin
10. Cy-Fair


28 teams are divided into four pools. On Friday each team will wrestle five matches against the other teams in its pool. The 6th and 7th round matches are Saturday morning. The top three teams from each pool advance into Saturday’s championship matches with the pool winners getting a well deserved bye in the first round. When this tournament gets down to eight teams the intensity really picks up and the semi-finals have given us two of the legendary showdowns between NOJ and Highland Park. Saturday afternoon is just some of the finest high school wrestling you can find in Texas.

Pool A

Allen, TX
St. Mark’s, TX
Dumas, TX
Colleyville, TX
Tahlequah, OK
The Colony, TX
Frisco, TX

Anyone that has been reading ITW should know that Allen is the hottest team going right now. They are winning everything in sight and truly have a well balanced team with tough wrestlers up and down the line-up. As we’ve said this is what it takes to knock off a HP or NOJ. St. Mark’s is a sneaky good program. There is a tendency to focus on their top wrestlers like superstar Ben Grisz or the sophmore sensation David Henry but I have watched this team several times and they do not give away any weights. They seem to always make it out of the Pool competition but then find the going tough. This year may be different. I know little about Dumas except that their kids wrestle tough every year but standouts - Torisk and Logan - have graduated. Colleyville is desperately looking for depth behind the brothers Sandoval. Tahlequah is always a threat to qualify for the championship round. The Colony and Frisco will be looking to gain experience and earn respect.

Pool B

Highland Park, TX
Carl Albert, OK
Houston Westside, TX
Keller, TX
SA Madison, TX
Westlake, TX
Trinity, TX

Defending champion Highland Park gets the #1 seed. We have already dissected their lineup in our preseason report. Coach Marzoula doesn’t let this bunch peak early but he will have them ready to go at Grapevine. This is a championship they want to defend. Carl Albert is a good Oklahoma program that has been to the finals at Grapevine before. If they get a #2 seed in this pool Coach Lujan must feel that they have one of their better teams. Westside is always tough. Keller has the Couch brothers and Lupardus but is looking for more depth. If Trinity is the last seed then this is a very strong pool. I have seen Trinity and they have some very talented wrestlers although maybe not quite enough. I believe they will win some duals.

Pool C

NO Jesuit, LA
Arlington Bowie, TX
Cinco Ranch, TX
Regis Jesuit, CO
Grapevine, TX
Dallas Jesuit, TX
Leander, TX

NOJ gets the #1 seed. They have been dominant in Louisiana again this year. And they went to the prestigous Tiger Invitational in North Carolina and took 3rd. But they are battling some injuries including a couple of defending State champs. They will need all hands on deck to win at Grapevine. In fact, first place in their pool is not a given this year. Arlington Bowie was hit hard by graduation but have filled all their holes and are wrestling well so far. They will need to turn it up a notch at Grapevine but I think they are capable of doing so. Cinco Ranch has not yet lived up to expectations largely do to a football playoff run that kept some key wrestlers off the mats for an extended period. All that rust should be knocked off now and there can be no excuses at Grapevine. We will finally see what CR has. It looks to be difficult for the other four teams to break into the top three but Grapevine is an up and coming program and all will get their chances on the mats.

Pool D

The Woodlands, TX
Lake Highlands, TX
Rockwall, TX
Elgin, OK
Vista Ridge, TX
Plano East, TX
Santa Fe, NM

Like Pool C, there appear to be three really strong teams at the top that will produce some very interesting duals. It would not surprise me if the pool winner has a loss. That’s how close I expect it to be between The WDL, LH and The Rock. It is actually hard to believe none of these three teams is in the Top Ten. But now is their chance to show the ranking gods whether they are a top program. The matches among these three should be excellent. Elgin could be a wild card as it is always dangerous to overlook an Okie team. Vista Ridge, Plano East and Santa Fe may not be on the level of the top three but they didn’t come to spectate and will be looking for an upset.

St. Mark’s Invitational Sun, 17 Dec 2006 21:38:21 +0000 Peter Dewey News and Information The Dallas Report by Peter Dewey

Another week at St. Marks’ and another well run tournament. Mike Grisz ran it right on time as promised. The hardware was distributed and the teams were clearing out the gym before 3pm. Parents were thrilled. An Oklahoma team came down and captured first place. But there were a handful of relatively unknown Dallas teams that had breakout tournaments and will need to be reckoned with as the season progresses. And there were an awful lot of individual wrestlers who made strong statements as well.

#1 seed Robert Myers LAM and #2 Roderick Gaines ROC easily made their way through the bracket without significant challenge to meet in the finals. In the finals match it was all Gaines who got the fall in 1:46. Erick frick STM was easily the best of the rest finishing 3rd.

#2 seed Stephen Wurster ROC dominated the weight class. He faced a tough kid from Edmond North (who beat Joey Vogelsberg TRI in OT) in the semi’s and methodically wore him down with a 9-0 major decision. Juan Dominguez CEN upset #1 seed Vincent Tenorio STM in the semi’s 2-0 in OT but he was no match for Wurster. Wurster pinned in Dominguez in 2:14 in the finals. In the consolation finals Joey Voglesberg got his revenge against the Edmond North wrestler with a very hard fought 6-5 decision.

#1 seed Chris Wilcox HEB and #2 seed Adam Purcell TRI (ranked 3 and 6 in ITW’s official rankings) looked to be the marque finals match of the tournament. But first Purcell had some work to do against a very tough kid from Edmond North. In a highly charged match that saw Purcell get a couple points ahead only to be tied by the EN wreslter, Adam prevailed with a very well wrestled 9-6 decision. Nick Rice EN would finish 3rd. Unfortunately the finals did not live up to its billing as Chris “caught” Adam on his back and stuck him in 1:30. It appeared to be a bad move by Adam but Chris made him pay. It is almost certain these two will meet again and I can assure you Adam will be ready and we’ll see six minutes of great wrestling.

#1 seed Kelby Wood from Edmond North was probably the Okie’s best wrestler. None of the Texas boys really gave him a match. He manhandled #2 Stephen Shinn in the finals with a fall in 47 seconds. Shinn had a great match with Jaquorie Sutton HEB in the semi’s. It was a see-saw match with non-stop action. The 15-7 final was decieving as Shinn scored 5 points at the end following a desperation throw missed by Sutton. Sutton hurt his ankle in this match and had to injury default to 6th place. Daniel Strenstrom PW would finish 3rd.

This weight was won by another Okie, Ryan Shults EN, who decisioned Nick Killip AZL 7-2 in the finals. Killip had two nice wins to make the finals. The first was a 3-1 decision over Shawn Klemm BOW in a match that Killip rode Klemm for the entire 3rd period. Then in the semi’s Killip outlasted a tough and determined Daric O’dell 9-6 in an exciting match. Klemm would take 3rd with a 5-0 decision over Mark McCabe JES. The most controversial match of the tournament saw #1 seed Ryan Benoit McK North get disqualified after leading Matt Hurwitz PW 12-4 in a quarter-final match.

#1 seed Austin Barnes ROC defeated Danny Reddin STM 9-2 in one semi. In the other semi Peter Lindahl PW and #2 seed Deandrea Carter TRI wrestled an exciting match with Lindahl winning 13-8. Then in an evenly matched finals Barnes decisioned Lindahl 5-3. Carter took 3rd with a 9-0 major of Reddin.

When you think of St. Mark’s studs, the name Bill Sessions doesn’t readily come to mind. That may change. Sessions completely destroyed the field at 140 with first period falls in the semi’s and finals. In the finals #1 seed Taylor Kissel AZL spent most of the 1:49 in Sessions’ cradles. Arman Asgari BOW defeated and EN wrestler 3-2 for 3rd.

#1 seed David Henry STM put on a takedown clinic against Kyle Redmond LAM in the semi’s winning 17-7. #2 seed Ryan Maldonado was beaten 9-1 by Okie Conner Robinson EN. In the finals, Henry had 3 takedowns and two cuts to lead 6-2 at the end of the first period . The second began with another cut and takedown by Henry and he looked to be cruising 8-4. The only problem with the “cut and shoot” when you can’t score on the mat is your advantage grows only a point at a time. Henry could not get another takedown in the second. They started on their feet for the 3rd period and it was the Okie who got the takedown and Henry was very much in a struggle with the EN wrestler working from top. But Henry held on to win it 8-6. Brad Atkinson BOW took 3rd by dismantling Maldonado 15-2 in the consolation finals.

#1 seed Marty Dick AZL had his hands full in the semis with Chris Brown HEB. The match is tied 2-2 after the second period. Dick is on bottom but can’t get anything going. Finally with 30 seconds remaining Dick gets the escape and makes it stand up for a 3-2 decision. In the other semi, Brian Phillips PE defeats Adam Roberts BOW 8-1. The finals is a wild see-saw match with Dick ahead 8-6 before pinning Phillips in 2:51. Chris Brown pins Adam Roberts in the consolation finals.

In a rematch from last week #1 seed Brent Rogers BOW easily defeats #2 Scott Hage STM 9-0. No flash, no controversy. Rogers just demonstates what should happen when a very good wrestler goes against an elite wrestler which Rogers is. In the semis, Hage and Parsons AZL were tied after the second period but Hage used a 3 point near fall to prevail 10-6. In the other semis, Rogers faced another very good wrestler, Max White ROC. White shot in and was on the verge of a clean takedown but even in a poor position Brent would not give up the takedown and kept scrambling and improving his position until he got a figure four on White’s head for a most unorthodox fall. I’m sure what Rogers was dishing out White had never seen in the practice room. White did storm through the wrestlebacks finishing 3rd with a 15-0 tech fall over an Edmond North wrestler.

The finals was a match-up of #1 seed Alejandro Juarez LAM and #2 Chris Brooks BOW. While it was not a dominating performance, Brooks could score and Juarez could not. The result was 7-1 victory for Brooks. Brooks continues to improve but is still a work in progress. Having Rogers as a workout partner should certainly help his development. Zach Gagnon McK North (pinned by Brooks in the semis) captured 3rd.

Gary Adams ROC lived up to his #1 seed. He is a big strong kid who wrestles physical and smart. His semifinal major of Greg Talley PE 11-3 and 5-0 shutout of an Edmond North wrestler in the finals were both examples of Adams imposing his will on his opponent. Kyle Dancy McK North wrestled back for 3rd.

It would be tempting to say Ben Grisz STM was a man among boys. But that wouldn’t be entirely accurate. In the finals Ben ran into Marcus McGraw BOW who is every bit as strong and athletic as Grisz (and an absolute terror on the football field). In the first period Marcus would not back down and it was rock’em socke’em action. Ben had a couple big throws but couldn’t land them on the mat. After two minutes: 0-0. Unfortunately for Marcus, Ben took down to begin the second period and quickly proved that he is an elite wrestler. The reversal came in 5 seconds, then some punishing leg riding and then Ben locked up a cradle to get the fall in 3:40. But I give Marcus some credit in this match as did the MOW voters who saw Ben wrestle a good enough opponent to vote him MOW (shared with Chris Wilcox and David Henry). Adrian Pena GP avenged a quarterfinal loss to Brent Holtrop CEN with a 4-3 win in the consolation finals.

In perhaps the most exciting finals of the afternoon #1 seed Ike Crews STM and Josh Spicer CEN battled for the championship. Crews worked his passby for the first takedown and a 2-1 lead after the first period. After the second period it was 4-3 Spicer. Crews escaped and they wrestled into the final minute tied at 4-4. Crews missed a throw and Spicer scored on a spin behind but Crews escpaed and pushed the action for the final 15 seconds. In the end it was Spicer 6-5.

#1 seed Branden Land, a big strong Okie heavyweight from Edmond North, looked to be untouchable as he pinned his way into the finals where he faced Bret Davis McK North. Davis seemingly came out of nowhere to pin both Will Plunkett STM in the quarters and #2 seed Ross Goen ROC in the semis. Davis wrestles aggressively and his finals bout was no exception. Unfortunatley against the bigger Okie he had trouble finishing his shots. Although he ultimately lost 12-4 it was a closer match than that as Davis kept the presuure on through the first two periods. This is a kid to watch. Goen took 3rd.

The Team Race

Congratulations to Edmond North who will take the 1st place hardware back across the Red River. It was great that they came and brought some tough wrestlers for the Texas boys to face. Behind Edmond North were the three Texas teams you would expect - 2. St. Mark’s, 3. Bowie and 4. Rockwall. St Mark’s really proved its worth as a tournament team. Bowie wrestled without three starters, two of whom didn’t make weight. It may have cost them second place. Rockwall isn’t sneaking up on anybody but showed they are for real.

What surprised me was the competitiveness of the remaining programs in the top 10. Trinity placed eight wrestlers in this tournament; Centennial placed five; Lamar placed six; Azle placed five, McKinney North and Hebron each placed four. Other than Azle all these programs are clearly on the rise. And those that were predicting the demise of Azle may want to reconsider. Azle clearly does not have the numbers of some programs but they still have some very good wrestlers.

Team Scores

1. Edmond North 249.00
2. St. Mark’s 223.50
3. Arlington Bowie 204.50
4. Rockwall 191.00
5. Trinity 144.00
6. Frisco Centennial 125.00
7. Arlington Lamar 110.50
8. Azle 95.50
9. McKinney North 92.50
10. Hebron 92.00
11. Plano East 72.00
12. Plano West 68.00
13. EP El Dorado 56.50
14. Jesuit 50.00
15. Frisco Wakeland 40.00
16. Paschal 37.00
17. Grand Prairie 35.50
18. Dallas Roosevelt 35.00
19. Trimble Tech 2.00
20. Bishop Dunne 0.00

Championship Matches

103 Roderick Gaines, Rockwall Fall Robert Myers, Arlington Lamar, 1.46
112 Stephen Wurster, Rockwall Fall Juan Dominquez, Frisco Centennial, 2.14
119 Chris Wilcox, Hebron Fall Adam Purcell, Trinity, 1.30
125 Kelby Wood, Edmond North Fall Stephen Shinn, Rockwall, .47
130 Ryan Shults, Edmond North Dec Nick Killip, Azle, 9-3
135 Austin Barnes, Rockwall Dec Peder Lindahl, Plano West, 5-3
140 Bill Sessions, St. Mark’s Fall Taylor Kissell, Azle, 1.49
145 David Henry, St. Mark’s Dec Conner Robinson, Edmond North, 8-6
152 Martin Dick, Azle Fall Brian Phillips, Plano East, 2.51
160 Brent Rogers, Arlington Bowie M-Dec Scott Hage, St. Mark’s, 9-0
171 Chris Brooks, Arlington Bowie Dec Alejandro Juarez, Arlington Lamar, 7-1
180 Gary Adams, Rockwall Dec Ryan Hansen, Edmond North, 5-0
189 Ben Grisz, St. Mark’s Fall Marcus McGraw, Arlington Bowie, 3.40
215 Josh Spicer, Frisco Centennial Dec Ike Crews, St. Mark’s, 6-5
285 Branden Land, Edmond North M-Dec Brett Davis, McKinney North, 12-4

Consolation Matches

103 Erick Frick, St. Mark’s Fall Luis Munoz, EP El Dorado, .22
112 Joey Voglesberg, Trinity Dec Jordan McGuire, Edmond North, 6-5
119 Nick Rice, Edmond North M-Dec Kenny Lee, Frisco Centennial, 19-5
125 Daniel Stenstrom, Plano West Dec Jessie Gonzales, McKinney North, 3-0
130 Shawn Klemm, Arlington Bowie Dec Mark McCabe, Jesuit, 5-0
135 Deandrea Carter, Trinity M-Dec Danny Reddin, St. Mark’s, 9-0
140 Arman Asgari, Arlington Bowie Dec Rob Wood, Edmond North, 3-2
145 Brad Atkinson, Arlington Bowie M-Dec Ryan Maldonado, Trinity, 15-2
152 Chris Brown, Hebron Fall Adam Roberts, Arlington Bowie, 4.04
160 Max White, Rockwall T-Fall Ian Scruggs, Edmond North, 15-0
171 Zach Gagnon, McKinney North Fall Ben Sheridan, Trinity, .24
180 Kyle Dancy, McKinney North Dec Barrett Galbraith, Arlington Bowie, 9-2
189 Adrian Pena, Grand Prairie Dec Brent Holtrop, Frisco Centennial, 4-3
215 Josh Bishop, Edmond North Dec Tucker Shaw, Jesuit, 8-3
285 Ross Goen, Rockwall Fall Patrick McConegly, Frisco Wakeland, .48

5th Place Matches

103 Cody Curtiss, Frisco Centennial Fall Steve Lee, Trinity, .43
112 Vincent Tenorio, St. Mark’s Fall Matt Jones, Arlington Lamar, 4.57
119 Eric Martinez, Arlington Bowie Dec Jeff Kearney, Azle, 3-1
125 Avi Chavda, St. Mark’s Dflt Jaquorie Sutton, Hebron
130 Matt Hurwitz, Plano West M-Dec Daric O’Dell, Trinity, 12-4
135 Travis Shaffer, Arlington Lamar Fall Preetam Sharma, Edmond North, 4.16
140 Alec Carrion, Plano East M-Dec Brandon Lockhart, Hebron, 12-2
145 Kyle Redmond, Arlington Lamar Fall Kole Richardson, Frisco Wakeland, 2.02
152 Jared Armstrong, Edmond North Dec Will Vogelsberg, Trinity, 4-2
160 Erik Parsons, Azle Fall Anthony Lopez, EP El Dorado, 4.28
171 Kyle Hormann, Edmond North Dec A. Amador, Dallas Roosevelt, 5-3
180 Jorge Estrada, St. Mark’s Fall Greg Talley, Plano East, .29
189 Pat Cioffi, Plano East Dflt Matthew Claggett, Rockwall
215 L. Joiner, Dallas Roosevelt Fall Prestin Brown, Grand Prairie, 1.20
285 Michael Weber, Arlington Lamar Fall Robert Umeh, Arlington Bowie, 1.20