The New Rules on Weight Certifications: The Aftermath!

Bloged in Body of a Champion by John Rizzuti Tuesday November 7, 2006

By Brendon Lowe
ITW Strength and Conditioning Columnist

Warning: Wrestlers mentioned will remain nameless for confidentiality purposes.

Two months ago I told all the opponents of the weight certifications to wait it out and give them a try before they started complaining about the rule changes. Now that the official weight certifications are complete, let the criticisms roll, because I’m right there with you on a few points.

Who is to blame for the catastrophe known as the ’06 wrestling certifications? I place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the University Interscholastic League (UIL). How can the governing body of Texas high school athletics wait till the last minute to throw something together when so much is at stake? Isn’t the whole point of the weight certifications to protect the health of our wrestlers? The lack of planning on the part of the UIL lead to some of the most heinous weight cutting that I’ve seen in a long time.


Welcome to the Jungle – Where only the Strongman Will Survive!

Bloged in Body of a Champion by John Rizzuti Friday October 13, 2006

by Brendon Lowe
ITW Strength & Conditioning Columnist

Traditional weight training has become the staple of many successful wrestlers’ training habits for many years. Hours upon hours of time has been spent in the weight room pressing, pushing and tugging at hundreds of pounds of metal plates attached to an Olympic bar.

Everyone knows how to bench-press and how to squat. But how beneficial are these lifts for true athletic progress? If a wrestler is on his back and pressing a weight straight up, then he is pinning himself. How often do you have your opponent strewn across your shoulders behind your head as you stand from a squat position?


The New Rules on Weight Certifications. What to Expect.

Bloged in News and Information, Body of a Champion by John Rizzuti Wednesday August 30, 2006

By Brendon Lowe
ITW Strength & Conditioning Columnist

There has been much talk recently about the soon to be infamous wrestling certification regulations that will be in effect starting this season. The general consensus that I have garnered is that most individuals oppose the inevitable regulation on weight-cutting for high school wrestling.

Most of the opinions about the topic are meaningless and without reason. I have heard some ridiculous ideas about why these regulations should not go into effect. None of these ideas have been backed up by concrete knowledge or research. This article will explain why the regulations are a good step forward and will clear up what the certification process will entail this year. This article is a must read.


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