Twice as Nice. Cold as Ice.

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By John Rizzuti
Copyright 2006

Chaos reigned. Pandemonium ran wild throughout the bowels of the Delco Center in Austin, Texas at the 2006 UIL State Wrestling Championships. It was the 160-pound finals between unbeaten senior Brent Pardinek (at 28-0 for Austin BaBaBowie) and Matt Harris, junior, (44-1 for The Ranch).


Kat on a Hot Tin Roof

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by John Rizzuti

Her dad says she’s a regular girl. She’s not. She is sleek, smooth and fiery. On the wrestling mat she takes no prisoners. Off the mat, she smiles gently, speaks softly, with her long black hair tied tightly in a ponytail. We’re talking about Klein wrestler and All-American Lindsey Brooks. She wrestles at 148 pounds under her coach’s rule (her coach is also her father, Mark Brooks) that she cuts no weight. Brooks, Sr. doesn’t like any of his wrestlers to cut weight. Often girls who wrestle at 148 and are 5’ 4” or so, might be chunky. Lindsey is not.


Lone Star Duals — The Thrill is On!

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Lone Star Duals College Preview:

By John Rizzuti

ITW has a 2000-word preview of the college division complete with write-ups on about half of the better-known teams. But let’s be honest. You’re not going to read it, and we don’t feel like doing another rewrite, more proofing and editing and all the other stuff that happens so that ITW can provide you with our usual hard-hitting, no holds barred, riveting, high-quality editorial.


Rizzuti Family Unveils Long Lost Lombardi Playbooks

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The offensive genius of Vince Lombardi comes alive!
Extraordinarily rare, long lost playbooks found after 50 years!

“Lombardi, a certain magic still lingers in the name.
It speaks of duels in the snow and the cold November mud.”

John Facenda, NFL Films


Editor’s note: The Rizzuti family has announced that they have uncovered a long lost and historic set of playbooks that were the property of Vince Lombardi while he was the offensive coordinator of the New York Giants during the 1955 season. The five books include hundreds of Lombardi’s personal notes, play sketches and doodles. The books include the QB series, offensive line blocking, passing game, running game and overall NY offense. The estimated value of this secret collection is unknown but believed to be huge, perhaps up to $20,000.

Here is the true story:


Top Texas-born/bred College Wrestlers of All-Time

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ITW Presents the Top Five Texas-born and/or bred College Wrestlers of All-Time!

Number 5 Ben Heizer Northern Illinois
Two-time NCAA All-American and 2004 finalist wrestling out of Arlington Bowie H.S. , Heizer was the only Texas H.S. All-American at Fargo seven years ago winning AA honors in both Greco (2nd) and freestyle (4th) in a Herculean double duty. Heizer placed 6th the year before in the NCAAs. During his 2004 run he wrestled 2-time NCAA Champion from Oklahoma State Jake Rosholt and in perhaps the match of Heizer’s life he dominated Rosholt on his way to a 4-1 win. It was bittersweet for Heizer as he wanted to go to OSU but they showed no interest in him while he was in high school.


Ashmore comments on OSU signing

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Ben Ashmore is one happy camper. Wednesday, Nov. 9th, he is signing a letter of intent to attend Oklahoma State University and compete for the Cowboy national championship wrestling team. While he recived letters from alomost every elite program in college wrestling, Ben gave serious consideration only to Arizona State and OSU.

When ITW asked the reasons why he picked OSU, Ben told us that the tradition, the great workout partners and a great coach made it an easy decision.

“I know that if I want to accomplish my goal of being an NCAA champion, I have to have the best coaching and the best workout partners. (At OSU) I’ll wrestle guys who are national champions and Olympians and get coached by a world champion. That’s what I need.” Ben will study Business Adminstration at OSU and wants to follow on and take over his dad’s flooring business after Ben Sr.’s retirement and also build houses, probably working with his brother.

Look for Ben to compete mostly at 125 this year to get ready to go 125 at OSU and drop down to 119 for the big national tournaments like “Beast of the East” and National Preps.

ITW asked Ben if his brother Luke (a Fargo National Champion and MOW award-winner) can beat him. “No, not yet,” he said with a smile on his face. “But we have some pretty intense practices.”

Anyone care to guess where Luke Asmore will be headed after next year? Didn’t think so!

WIN Ranks Lynch 3rd in nation

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Just out . . . WIN Magazine in their Nov. 15 issue has ranked Bishop Lynch High School 3rd in the nation behind perrrienial powerhouses Blair Academy (NJ) and St. Edwards (Lakewood, Ohio).

WIN says, “With the Ashmore Brothers, Silver & Koepp, perhaps the best pure tournament team in America. Six transfers headed by the Adamsons (NM) and Staines (LA): New upperweights crucial to top-five finish.

Our preview on B-L “Natural Born Thrillers” was right on the mark!

WIN Top Twelve

1. Blair
2. St Eds
3. B-L
4. Parkersburg, PA
5. Christiansburg (VA) ITW note: Alex Meade has transferred out and gone back home to Del
6. Nazareth (PA)
7. Carl Sandberg (IL)
8. Owatonna (MN)
9. Great Bridge (VA)
10. Oak Park (MO)
11. Brandon (FL)
12. Oviedo (FL)

Natural Born Thrillers

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Natural Born Thrillers!
Will Bishop Lynch Be the Greatest Texas High School Wrestling Team Ever?

By John Rizzuti
All rights reserved

Silhouetted against a supple black mat in their radiant new wrestling room, the Four Horsemen stand again. In dramatic lore they are known as Famine, Pestilence, Destruction and Death. These are only aliases. Their real names are Ben “The Beast” Ashmore, Luke “Hi-Ho” Silver, Johnny “The Crusher” Koepp and “Cool Hand” Luke Ashmore. They form the lineage of the Bishop Lynch High School wrestling team, destined to be the greatest in Texas high school history. In the most recent preseason rankings, Amateur Wrestling News has Bishop Lynch ranked 7th nationally, ahead of a dozen perennial national powerhouses. Nazareth (PA), Brandon (FL), St. Paris Graham (OH), and El Reno (OK) among others all ranked below B-L.

Imagine that.


Rush to Judgment

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The Railroading of Charles Michael Zascavage

By John Rizzuti
All rights reserved
Written permission required to
reprint part or all of this story

For weeks, I have been following the unfolding saga of the Flower Mound High School wrestling team, it’s coming out party, and all that’s been publicized (including the two editorial columns in the Dallas Morning News – one by WBAP’s Mark Davis, and the other by my old buddy DMN columnist Kevin Blackistone). I’ve been flabbergasted by what I’ve seen – the good, the bad and the ugly. We’ve only been exposed to part of the story. The ugly part. Toss in graphic, predudial photographs, courtesy of an (suing, of course) attorney in this case. By the way, great move on their part to sear those nasty images into the minds-eye of the jury pool. Might as well cut the defense off right at their weak spot. Their nuts!


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