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Bloged in News and Information by John Rizzuti Saturday January 19, 2008

Due to massive attacks by “bots” and spiders” of which we have no control we are suspending the News & information blog until we can figure out how to have it without dealing with hundreds and hundreds (almost 10,000 pending right now) of posts etc for drugs, penis implants, porn, etc. It’s too bad as this part of the site was very popular. Now to see our editorial write-ups go to the Forum and look under “The Bloggers” and you will see the writing of Peter Dewey, Russell Pate, myself, The Third Man (T-Rex) and all of the rest of the usual gang of idiots.

First Dallas Report 2007-08

Bloged in News and Information, The Dallas Report by Peter Dewey Thursday October 11, 2007

The Dallas Report: A Look Back and a Preview of 2007-08

By Peter Dewey
Dallas Reporter and
ITW Senior Writer

A Look Back

It was a good year for Houston wrestling. Congratulations to the 2007 UIL State Champs Cinco Ranch. It was a gutsy team effort lead by outstanding performances by 2X State Champs Jamie Sheets and Matt Harris. I was impressed and I appreciate the great strides being made by Houston wrestling.

But let’s not delude ourselves. There is no parity between Houston and Dallas wrestling. That is still years away if it arrives at all. In what is rightfully regarded as an “up” year for Houston (in fact their best ever) and a “down” year for Dallas, five (5) State Champs hail from Houston compared to nine (9) State Champs from Dallas (the other was San Antonio’s Jimmy Petersen). Only one Houston State Champ, Erik Spjut, returns. Eric Simons, Danny Luttrell, Jeremy Sandoval, and Austin Cordova from Dallas all return for the 2007-08 campaign. (more…)

The Houston Report:

Bloged in The Houston Report by John Rizzuti Monday March 5, 2007

Final In-Season Houston Report. The Bottom Line!

By Russell Pate
ITW Staff Writer

Here is a late and overdue edition of the Houston Report to wrap up 2006-07. Let me take a look at each state champ from the area.

Study in Heroism – Jamie Sheets
When I use the word hero here, I mean it in the superhero sense, because that’s what he did at State. When he stepped on the mat for the 145 lb. State Finals, Cinco’s Team Title chances looked about like Gotham City’s do before Batman arrives. He changed all of that with :48 seconds that will not be forgotten for a long time. His bookend state titles make an argument for him as the best Houston wrestler not named James Aston. There have been other 2X champs, but none who beat wrestlers the caliber Jamie did for his titles. This title win over undefeated Mike Murray was awesome, but don’t forget that his first championship was won in a weight class that had Shane Doughman and Sean Kitchen in the 3rd place match.

The Final Word – His leadership of Houston’s first state team title will be remembered even more than his pair of individual golds.


The Stockton Report

Bloged in News and Information by John Rizzuti Monday February 19, 2007

UIL Girls State – 2007

by Mike Stockton

Here we go again. Another great year in women’s wrestling in Texas! This might be the best state championship ever. This is, by far, the best senior class in history with names like Brooks, Epps, Clark, Wood, Lowe, Underwood, Kurt, McClendon, and Alvarado. I could go on and on and on.

But then you have the young ones knocking at their door –juniors Tessa Plana and Angie Murray, sophomores Courtney Lindley and Kirsten Strickler and freshman phenom Trisha Jenkins. Women’s wrestling gets better and better each year in this state.

Now to the business at hand; last year I named 7 out of 10 champions and had 16 of the 20 finalists. This year I might miss some of them because it is so tight in several weight classes. But, I will lay money that I don’t miss many. Plus I will name the team champions as well – can Caprock continue its dominance?


Houston Report - Postseason Outlook

Bloged in News and Information by Russell Pate Friday February 2, 2007

The Houston Report:
“District Preview and Regular Season Recap”
By Russell Pate
ITW Staff Writer


Final UIL Rankings

Bloged in News and Information by John Rizzuti Wednesday January 24, 2007

by The Ranking Czar
Official Texas High School Rankings
Public Schools Only

Final In-Season Rankings — After District Action

1 Eric Simons (11) Allen
2 Victor Dotson (9) Canyon Randall
3 Roderick Gaines (9) Rockwall
4 Robert Myers (10) Lamar
5 Tyler Lukes (9) Cy-Ridge
6 Zach Nash (10) Keller-Central
7 Tobin Fulton (11) HP
8 Gerardo Salgado (10) Westside

1 Danny Luttrell (11) Arlington
2 Greg Gogonas (10) Austin Bowie
3 Stephen Wurster (11) Rockwall
4 Joey Vogelsberg (9) Trinity
5 Thomas Harris (12) Amarillo Caprock
6 Bryan Osorio (10) Vista-Ridge
7 Nick Waltman (12) Cinco Ranch
8 Austin Davis (10) Klein Oak
9 Josh Martinez (10) Randall

1 Erik Spjut (10) The Woodlands
2 Brandon McDonald (12) Canyon Randall
3 Chris Wilcox (11) Hebron
4 Adam Purcell (12) Trinity
5 Jason Mozely (9) Arlington Martin
6 Donovan Vanderbilt (11) Cy Fair
7 Landon Wyatt (12) Fossill Ridge
8 Scott Reinbold (11) SGP

1 Josh Sandoval (12) Colleyville Heritage
2 Harvey Saurez (12) Amarillo Caprock
3 Kalvin King (12) Canyon Randall
4 Tyler Lee (10) Marcus
5 Landon Christly (10)SGP
6 Austin McCain (12) Cy Fair
7 Chris Nguyen (12) Klein
8 Isaac Kinsella (9) Lake Highlands

1 Jeremy Sandoval (10) Colleyville Heritage
2 Danny Caraveo (12) El Paso Franklin
3 Ryan Larson (12) SA Roosevelt
4 Abel Carrillo (11) El Paso Hanks
5 Jace Bennett (9) Canyon Randall
6 Zach Vick (12) HP
7 Ryan Benoit (12) McKinney North

1 Jimmy Peterson (12) SA Madison
2 Dillon Horn (11) Coppell
3 Joe Quinto (12) Amarillo Tascosa
4 Clifton Thompson (12) Martin
5 Eden Bernstein (10) Allen
6 Matt Rascon (12) The Woodlands
7 Austin Barnes (11) Rockwall
8 Chad Gallatin (10) HP
9 Matt Hasson (12) Cy Fair
10 Matt Hunt (12) SGP

1 Kamerawn Smedley (12) Allen
2 Austin Cordova (11) Lake Highlands
3 Bobby Barney (11) Austin Anderson
4 Collin Brown (11) Amarillo Tascosa
5 Brad Atkinson (12) Arlington Bowie
6 Chase Gallatin (12) HP
7 Ryan Money (12) Martin
8 Matt Kovacs (11) The Woodlands
9 Drew Pikulski (11) Cy Fair


Great Wrestling at the Grape

Bloged in News and Information, The Dallas Report by Peter Dewey Sunday January 7, 2007

by Peter Dewey
ITW Senior Writer

Just when you think the wrestling at the Grapevine Duals can’t get any better, it does. There was no match this weekend between New Orleans Jesuit and Highland Park. But noone seemed to miss it. On Saturday in particular there were duals between top ranked teams everywhere you turned. Most were being decided by the very last matches. Top ranked wrestlers were battling each other. In some cases more than once. Upsets abounded. New stars were emerging. Top teams were establishing a pecking order. When the gym finally cleared NOJ reclaimed the Championship they have won three of the past five years. But to do so they had to survive not one but two intense duals with Arlington Bowie. And Bowie left absolutely no doubt that they were the best of the rest and a force to be reconded with in two weeks at the Texas State Duals Championships. (more…)

Texans Wrestling at the LoneStar Duals!

Bloged in News and Information by John Rizzuti Saturday January 6, 2007

By John Rizzuti
Managing Editor

If we were to write this story ten years ago when the LoneStar Duals had their first-ever meet, we would have written a very short story. It would have been comparable in length to “Italian War Heroes,” “The Triumphs of the Pakistani Army,” “British Humor,” and “Blacks I have Met While Swimming,” a bunch of really, really short books!

But today it is a different tale. Texans are all over the place! Wrestling for Oklahoma State, North Carolina, Harvard, Northern Colorado and many other institutions of higher learning. And you can give a ton of the credit to the great Barry Boustead and his team with the LSD. They have pioneered the way for the past decade and brought wrestling to its highest level ever by bringing many of the top NCAA, NAIA and NCWA teams from all over the country.

Just think how powerful Texas USA Wrestling would be if we canned the leadership that is there now and put in Barry. Just THINK! (hint, hint, hint)


Houston Report: The Second Half

Bloged in News and Information by Russell Pate Tuesday January 2, 2007

Handicapping the Field

by russell pate

As we hit the 2nd half running this week, here is a look at the top teams in Houston and what their chances are come Postseason. Here are the Houston Teams who will have the biggest impact in Austin.


Grapevine Duals - Preview

Bloged in News and Information, The Dallas Report by Peter Dewey Tuesday December 26, 2006

By Peter Dewey

The New Year kicks off in a big way with the Dollarmur Grapevine Duals on January 5th and 6th. Showcasing the event will be the premier wrestling programs from Texas and Louisiana. Highland Park will be defending its 2006 title. New Orleans Jesuit wants to take home a 3rd title in the last 5 years at Grapevine. HP has won 5 of 8 UIL state championships since 1999 and is two time defending champions. NOJ has won 21 La. State Championships since 1972 and is three time defending champions.


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