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How to Escape from Bottom Position

By Russell Pate
ITW Staff Writer

There arenumber of sports which are played from childhood days and for some they are their hobby and for some sport become their passion they built their career in their favorite sport.

There aredifferent sports such as wrestling Cricket, Basketball, Football and many more. There are different techniques for different sport to be winner or to be the master in the sport, special thing to be seen is the physical health that plays a vital role. Wrestling is one of such sport that requires a power of whole body through different techniques mainly you can see are throws, take downs, joint locks, clinch fighting, pins grabbing holds. Today let us put focus on the techniques for the sport wrestling that help to escape the bottom position.

wrestling escapes from bottom position

Bridge and hip escape

When you are in a difficult situation in match these two situations may help to make the second nature, this dwarfs down the length of the mat and make easy to develop inner strength. Whenever you feel that you got stuck in the bottom position you can escape from these things. Bridge and escape your hips.


If the situation under the ring is exactly like this “The competitor who is on the top is always trying to be tight and not giving space and the one who is at the bottom tries to escape and get space” The one in the bottom is trying to exactly opposite as the opponent is forcing of not the one in the bottom is trying to keep the body tight, controls the head pleasure with chest. Just puts hard to escape from the trap of the opponent, you are required to do what all possible to break down the connection. Do relieve the pressure, built the required space.


The toughest position to escape when the competitor is giving a tough fight ageist you and your efforts are defending sub. When you are under such tough positions that and from the opponent has control on the arm, shoulder, or choke or side choke, you cannot get away the escape without submitting. The things that you need to see when the first step you should apply is hide your arms and take away the attack of the opponent ,this could offer you the kimura attack keep in by keeping your elbows in tight by hiding your arms, as you realize the guard is be passed.


Create the braces by using the fore arms to escape the weight of your opponent. This is very difficult for you when the person opposite you has heavy weight than you, will take more energy for you to push opponent off of your chest. This will generally lead to submission.Do not extend your arms this would be just like gifting the power to win to opponent.


Try to go to your side, you can escape the person’s weight opposite to you, you have freedom to move and your opponent has to stop attacking you and thinks how to flatten you to maintain position.

Wrestling is sport that is professional wrestling and championship, for two or more people as competitors or partner wise.

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